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July is UV Safety Awareness Month- Custom Sunglasses Make Great Handouts

July is UV safety awareness month and quite rightly so because the UV rays are the strongest during the late spring and early summer in North America. So can there be a better handout like custom sunglasses for marketers to inspire their clients and customers to wear sunglasses and spread awareness on the importance of protecting eyes from UV rays. Continuous exposure to bright sunlight increases the risks of cataracts, macular degeneration and cancer among other diseases.


The invisible Ultraviolet rays remain in the atmosphere in all 4 seasons including winter when the sun may not be even visible. UV rays can penetrate and damage skin cells. The risks of UV exposure will be most during 10 a.m. and 4 p.m during summer months in the US.

The summer month of July  is a great time for everyone to hit the beaches and the tanning beds, which emits higher UV rays  than sunlight. So, wearing a pair of UV resistant sunglasses is important to ensure eye safety in all these situations. Businesses can encourage employees and clients to stay UV safe by spreading awareness on exposure risk and the signs and symptoms of overexposure to the sun.

Mirrored Navigator Sunglasses

Hand out custom sunglasses with UV resistant lenses to employees especially those who drive company vehicles or are on outdoor work sites.

 Did you know?

  • UV resistant sunglasses can block UV rays from entering the eyes
  • Interestingly, it is not the color or the darkness of sunglasses that block UV rays.
  • Even clear lenses can offer UV protection.
  • The cost or the color of the sunglasses has nothing to do with its ability to block UV light.
  • Sun damage to eyes can occur anytime during the year, including winter
  • Tanning beds give off more UV rays than sunlight!

UV resistant sunglasses

Sunglasses with UV resistant lenses can block 99.9% of UV rays. Choose from a wide range of trendy frame colors and  models including Oahu sunglasses and Malibu sunglasses that are not just functional but fashionable as well.

Oahu Sunglasses

Floating Malibu sunglasses is another popular choice for beach lovers and pool party enthusiasts. Add your logo, message and artwork on these popular frames to make it highly popular giveaways for summer events.

Check out these quirky models like bottle opener sunglasses with add-on features that make it a perfect pick for outdoor events and beach holidays.

 Bottle Opener Malibu Sunglasses

Choose wrap-around styles

Wrap around models like sports sunglasses will ensure better protection as it covers eyes completely and prevent sun’s rays from entering from any angle including the sides.

MVP Sport Sunglasses

Kids need sunglasses as well

Kids are more vulnerable to UV risks considering the fact that their eyes are not fully developed and the higher chances for the light to enter the lens of the eyes. Kids sunglasses imprinted with your logo and message make great awareness handouts in schools and community.

Kids Oahu Sunglasses

How do you plan to observe UV safety awareness month? Share your ideas and tips with us to join an interesting conversation.