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June 27th Is National Sunglasses Day- Buy Custom Sunglasses To Join The Fun

Let’s admit it! Nobody can resist a trendy pair of sunglasses to grab some quick attention at the pool or on a day out in the beach or the shopping street. People not just look good in a trendy pair of shades but these summer accessories will also keep the eyes of the users safe from UV risks. National sunglasses Day will make a delightful opportunity for people to wear their favorite shades and to spread awareness about the need to wear shades on a sunny day out. Marketers who wish to be part of this social cause can hand out custom sunglasses imprinted with their name and logo as store promotional gifts, tradeshow gifts or awareness event gifts.

June 27th Is National Sunglasses Day- Buy Custom Sunglasses To Join The Fun

Why everyone loves Sunglasses

  1. Sunglasses are fashion and fun alike.
    A pair of trendy Sunglasses is all it takes to accessorize even a simple dressing style into something really stunning. Apart from complementing the symmetry of the face, sunglasses will enhance the enigmatic look of the wearer by concealing his actual emotions and will make him look more cool and composed. Last but not least sunglasses have always been part of the glamorous profile of movie icons who first adopted sunglasses in the 1950s to hide their identity from paparazzi.Custom Printed Folding Oahu Sunglasses w/ 8 Colors
  2. Protect eyes from UV rays
    Sunglasses with UV resistant lenses will protect the eyes and ensure the most effective UVA and UVB protection; the best part is that you don’t need to have a highly pricey branded item to ensure UV protection. There are many attractive cost effective sunglass models like Malibu sunglasses and Oahu sunglasses that will keep the users stylish and safe alike. These will double pull as popular promotional items and party favors. Constant exposure to sun can cause permanent damage to the eyes and cause photokeratitis, retinal damage or cataract among others. Choose sunglasses with UV 400 features that will block all light rays with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers.
  3. Sunglasses prevent wrinkles
    Sunglasses will reduce the risks of fine wrinkles around the eyes by keeping the eyes relaxed by preventing squinting even in bright light. Sunglasses can block harmful cancer causing UV rays from reaching the sensitive skin around the eyes. Thus sunglasses will make you look good and feel healthy all at once.

How to Celebrate National Sunglasses Day

  1. Try A New Look With A New Pair Of Sunglasses
    National sunglasses Day is a wonderful time for marketers to treat their customers with a new pair of sunglasses while the party revelers can get themselves a pair that they have had their eyes on for a long time. Sunglasses will also make perfect wedding favors for summer events and destination weddings. By donning a pair of shades you are doing yourself a favor and getting a cool look for sure.
  2. Plan a Themed events or costume parties
    You can choose your favorite pair of sunglasses and complement it with an outfit that matches your sunglasses. It will be a great party idea for costume parties and themed events.
  3. Buy sunglasses as gifts
    Celebrate National Sunglasses Day by handing out sunglasses as free gifts to your customers or party favors for your friends. Pick up a model that will please your recipients, personalize it with your name and message and they will surely love to wear it for a long time. Every time they post their selfie snaps on instagram or Facebook, your message will get a fair share of publicity as well.

A right pair of sunglasses can make everyone look youthful and appealing. So, what are you waiting for? Shop from our fabulous collection of custom sunglasses and let your brand leave a lasting impression!