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June 27th Is National Sunglasses Day – Plan Your Promotions

June 27th is observed as National Sunglasses Day to honor the hardworking accessories of sunglasses. Sunglasses not just protect the eyes from UV rays but also pack oomph to the style factor of the users. So, it makes a great day to show your favorite shades some love and to show it off around town. Today sunglasses have become not just a functional eyewear but a fashion statement not just for movie icons but ordinary folks as well.sgv1

History of sunglasses
Sunglasses are thought to have originated in Rome and China. It seems that the Roman Emperor Nero used polished gems to shield his eyes from the glare while watching the gladiator fights. Sunglasses came to the US much later in 1929 when James Foster introduced sunglasses. This trendy accessory has undergone a lot of fashion changes since its inception as it became polarized in 1936 and the aviator shape sunglasses became a fashion statement during WWII.

Custom sunglasses as promotional gifts
Personalized sunglasses have become a hot favorite as wedding favors and promotional gifts these days. These low cost models that look like their original counterparts are the hot favorites of business owners and political campaign managers to get their message across. Sunglasses can be imprinted with your logo, artwork or message on its lenses or frames to make a hard hitting promotional item.

  • Custom sunglasses can be employed as employee gifts, party favors, novelty gifts and more.
  • Available in a wide range of models and colors, these logo items enjoy a high retention and warm welcome among your recipients.
  • The best part is that sunglasses are light weight and easy to distribute, which makes it a popular gift item for tradeshows and mass mailer campaignsCustom Logo Sports Sunglasses

The National sunglasses day will make a perfect time for you to promote eye clinics, optician shops, fashion stores, concerts, sports leagues and more. Looking for some popular personalized sunglasses to pack a style factor for your promotions? Here are a few tips

Navigator sunglasses: The middle name of style, these trendy pairs of shades are great to promote all types of brands and businesses. Imprint your logo and message and hand these out to your target audience to keep your message right in front of their eyes.

Malibu sunglasses: When the weather gets hot, you may need something that is as sizzling as these stylish Malibu sunglasses to counter the UV risks. Colorful and attractive, Malibu sunglasses are great for summer promotions, outdoor events and more.

Sport sunglasses: Celebrate the sports season in style with these sport sunglasses and get your message out in a subtle yet effective manner. These make great options to promote local sports leagues, golf weekend and more.

We at Sunglassville have an extensive range of personalized sunglasses for everyone. Call us for orders, queries or selection tips as we convey our Happy Sunglasses Day wishes well in advance.