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Look Cool And Nerdy In These Custom Clear Lens Sunglasses

The latest trend in fashion sunglasses is clear sunglasses. Also known as “hipster glasses” these will transform the look of the wearer to a nerdy one in no time. The immense popularity of these sunglasses has made it a favorite promotional gift among marketers as well. Ideal to promote all types of brands and businesses especially fashion brands, youth clubs, concerts and fashion shows, these logo sunglasses make a great gift especially for the younger audience.

Once used only by the serious and nerdy college kids, these sunglasses became a rage in fashion circuits in no time. These non prescription sunglasses that transform the appearance in no time get lapped up in no time. Started off as a small trend, the clear glass fashion was soon picked up many athletes such as a Lebron James and Russell Westbrook among others who used to don these glasses off the ground and during post game interviews. It is astonishing to note how these simple and nondescript sunglasses have evolved to be the hottest fashion trends by shaking off the distinction of nerdy sunglasses! People who wish to stand out in the crowd prefer these clear sunglasses and for the same reason, it has evolved to be the hottest choice in promotional campaigns as well.

Clear sunglasses not just give you the unbeatable 80s look but are functional and will protect your eyes. Check out these Clear View Oahu Sunglasses that is 100% UV protected. A great choice for summer outings due to its UV protective facility and stylish edge, your recipients will love wearing it to various outdoor events because it makes them appear cool, trendy and at the same time fashionably correct! Did you know that when dark sunglasses reduce the visible light entering your eyes, your iris opens to admit more light, letting more of the harmful UV to your eye? So, clear lenses will win a few brownie points in this department.

Custom Clear View Oahu Sunglasses - Blue

Clear sunglasses can be worn inside as it ensures clear visibility and saves the hassle of having to take them off every time you enter a building. Blues Brothers Style Glasses with Clear Lens is another model to consider. These glasses can be matched with almost all clothing and makes a great fashion wear in all seasons because it can easily gel with the mood of any situation.

Personalized Blues Brothers Style Glasses with Clear Lens

For the hardcore clear glass fans out there who hate the idea of taking off these sunglasses even at night, we have a perfect choice in the form of these Glow In The Dark Glasses with Clear Lenses, which makes a great choice for beach parties, beach festivals, etc. Sunglasses will not just make you look great but will also protect the eyes from flying debris and splashing champagne when you are partying like crazy!

Customized Glow In The Dark Glasses with Clear Lenses

Need more? Check out our collection of custom sunglasses and choose a model that matches your needs.