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March Is Workplace Eye Wellness Month- Have You Ordered Custom Sunglasses for Your Promotions

March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month, which means that it is the right time to spread awareness about eyehealth and handing out appropriate custom gifts for businesses in eye care industry. Ensuring eye health wellness in workplace is important considering the fact that employees spend long hours in front of the monitor, which could lead to computer vision syndrome which includes headaches, eye fatigue, blurred vision and dry eyes among others.

Here are some simple tips to ensure workplace eye wellness

The golden rule of 20/20/20
It has been found effective that taking a 20 seconds break every 20 minutes and looking at an object 20 feet away will go a long way in relaxing the eye muscles.

Blink more so as to keep the eyes moist and prevent itchiness and dryness.

Have regular eye check up
Make sure to schedule regular eye check up especially if you are using computers in your daily work routine.

Having said all these, it doesn’t mean that eye health is not important at any other time of the day. No matter whether you are at work or on holidays, eye health is of paramount importance. So, if you are a marketer trying to promote your optical shop or eye clinic, this is the right time to offer some really cool custom sunglasses as freebies, which your recipients will find hard to resist. Imprint your logo and message and hand these out during community events, tradeshows or as gifts with every purchase.

Here are some of the custom sunglasses that you will find interesting

Polarized sunglasses: March is also the time when most people plan outdoor holidays, camping and spring season picnics. So hand out these polarized sunglasses with UV protection features that will keep their eyes healthy and safe from possible UV radiation risk. We at sunglassville have a range of trendy models like these Serengeti Aviator sunglasses in this segment.Serengeti Medium Navigator Imprinted Sunglass

Customized sprint sunglasses: These Matte black wrap style sunglass fitted with polarized smoky lens will be a great gift item to remind your customers of not just about your brand but also the UV protection needs for sprinters. Advertisers can order them in bulk and seek benefits in the form of discounts such as free art set up (offered on orders above $300)Customized Sprint Sunglass

Classic sunglasses: Nothing trends in fashion sunglasses for a long time. However, these classic sunglasses are something that never goes out of fashion. Be it as wedding favors, mass mailer gifts or tradeshow handouts, these logo items will never fail to turn a few heads for sure. Imprint your logo and message and see how these classic and elegant sunglasses that are available in an assortment of colors will lend a magic to your brand promotions. Great for promoting beach hotels, restaurants, fashion stores and more.Customized Sunglasses Classic- Blue

Browse our impressive lineup of logo sunglasses to choose a perfect model that will match your business theme or color.