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No One Can Have Too many Sunglasses- Make It Your Promotional Item!

Nobody can have too many sunglasses! For this very reason, imprinted sunglasses make a great handout anytime and for any event. Your brand and message imprinted on these will get a lot of attention and appreciation all the time. Trendy and stylish, sunglasses will never go out of fashion and by putting your promotional dollars on these perennially popular gifts you get assured ROI. This unique and stylish handout will easily turn heads and make headlines!

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Nothing rounds off your dressing style like a great pair of sunglasses. Be it for a beach vacation or on your way to work, sunglasses will make an important part in everyone’s wardrobe. Though sunglasses styles and trends complement seasons and  the changing fashions, sunglasses are great for promotions round the year.

Here are some proven custom sunglasses that will pack a punch to your dressing style.

Oahu Sunglasses For The Classic Users

Inspired by the world famous Wayfarers, these sunglasses are emerging as popular as ever. UV resistant, colorful and trendy, these sunglasses ensure stability with a stylish touch. Great for the beach, parties or picnics, the versatile Oahu sunglasses will look good with every dressing style.  Get your brand and message imprinted on these to make it a great choice.

Oahu Sunglasses

Round frames The Old school users

Round frames like John Lennon sunglasses will give a retro twist to the dressing style. If your audience comprise of people who prefer vintage fashion, this could well be your choice.

Navigators for the fashion lovers

Eye wear fashion is fluid! It changes constantly. However, there are some trends that seem to never change and Navigator sunglasses are one of these. It will suit most face-shapes and  gel well with almost anything from tees to the formal wear.

Black Frame Navigator Sunglasses

Wrap Around for the Sporty audience

The curved wrap-around frames ensure superb eye coverage, an unbroken field of vision and UV protection that will keep the eyes safe. Great for the sports fields, outdoor fun and a normal day at work. These stylish sunglasses will get the eyes of everyone around locked at your brand.

Accent Wrap Sunglasses

Neon sunglasses for those who love Color and flair!

Color is the best fashion statement to flaunt during fall and summer season. Put your dime on these colorful neon sunglasses to get your competitors see red. Your audience will indeed love the attention that these sunglasses will earn for them.

We have a lot more! Browse along and choose an item that matches your needs and budget. Nobody can overlook these stylish custom gifts or your brand imprint over it! Shop right away!