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Patriotic Sunglasses – Perfect Gifts For Labor Day Promotions

Labor Day is the time of the year to honor the contributions of the American and Canadian laborers in shaping the economy of the nation and makes a perfect time to celebrate the last few remaining days of the glorious summer season. For marketers too, Labor Day makes a great time to promote their brand and to get their message across to their audience before summer holidays end and everyone gets back to their busy schedules.

If you are looking for a popular promotional gift for Labor Day that will get an overwhelming welcome among every genre of audience, place your bets on custom sunglasses. Everyone will love these patriotic sunglasses as souvenirs and accessories alike. The red, white and blue stripes and star design will instantly turn heads. American flag sunglasses will get used throughout the year and will spread patriotic feelings whenever your recipients wear them outside.

These inspiring handouts are affordable too, which makes it a perfect choice for mass promotions like tradeshows and mailer campaigns. The best part is that these patriotic sunglasses are well suited for not just Labor Day promotions but all patriotic events like July 4th and Veterans Day among others. These brilliantly colored sunglasses will make your recipients stand out in the crowd at all times.

Patriotic themed sunglasses are available in a range of models and price points that it is never too hard to choose a model that matches your promotional theme.

Here are some models that will help you get started

Oahu Sunglasses American Flag Red Frame: Show your nationalist pride by handing out these attractive star and stripe sunglasses to your employees and customers and make your Labor Day promotions a tad different. Though this flag imprinted red frame sunglass will make a great gift throughout the year, it is especially popular during days of national importance.

Custom Lens Oahu Sunglasses American Flag Red Fram

Patriotic Malibu Sunglasses: These trendy logo imprinted sunglasses in nationalist theme will make a great Labor Day handout on budget.

Customized Patriotic Malibu Sunglasses

White Lens Imprinted Malibu Sunglasses: White lens Malibu sunglasses will enjoy a long retention even after the Labor Day festivities get over! Order today to grab our free online proofs and free artwork design services.

Patriotic Sunglasses White Lens Imprinted Malibu Sunglasses

Red White & Blue Flashing LED Star Sunglasses: Great for parades and BBQ parties, these CPSIA compliant LED sunglasses will add a lot of glitter and glamour to the Labor Day celebrations of your recipients. One size fits all;

Promotional Red White & Blue Flashing LED Star Sunglasses

Need more? Browse our well stocked collection of patriotic themed sunglasses and choose a model that suits your needs.