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Polarized Sunglasses Make Great Custom Gifts For Promoting Swimming Classes

Summer is the time for most people soak up the fun of pool parties or join swimming classes to fine hone the swimming skills and to stay in shape. Marketers who are planning to conduct summer camps or swimming classes will find custom polarized sunglasses a perfect choice. A good pair of sunglasses can make a lot of difference to the swimming experience. Be it a dabble at the local pool, a serious indoor swimming event or anything in between, these custom sunglasses is something that no swimmer can overlook.

Polarized Sunglasses Make Great Custom Gifts For Promoting Swimming Classes

Designed to ensure the best clarity in water, polarized sunglasses ensure the much desired UV protection by reducing the amount of light coming in and reducing the glare. Durable and comfortable, these summer sunglasses will ensure a smooth and hassle free swimming experience for your recipients and will make them look stylish even in water! Personalize these with your brand and message and see how your brand will stand ahead even in amidst competition under currents!

Polarized sunglasses can thus greatly reduce the intensity of light reflecting back from water thereby reducing glare and enhancing visibility and comfort. Polarized lenses also block sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and the best part is that these are available in a variety of tints and materials.

Polarized lenses can enhance the fun of swimming and fishing by reducing glare and enhancing visibility. Polarized lenses will help you spot shells and pebbles in the shallow waters while swimming in the sea.

Polarized sunglasses can be used as

  • Fund raising items: Are you planning to host a fund raising event for your community swimming club? These sunglasses will make a great choice as these are budget friendly, trendy and above all highly useful not just for swimmer but every outdoorsy person.
  • Sponsor gifts: If you are planning to sponsor a swimming event, polarized sunglasses will make great promotional items for your brand. Imprint your brand and message on these and hand it out the team and the volunteers to get an impressive brand display.
  • Team spirit items: Swimming schools and clubs can consider these stylish custom polarized sunglasses a great choice as team spirit items. Get these sunglasses imprinted with the team motto and mascot to make the team feel right on top of the world and team loyal.

Here are some of the top selling polarized sunglasses that you will find interesting

Sprint Polarized Sunglasses: These make excellent outdoor sunglasses in bright sunny days. It can fit over most prescription eyewear, thereby making it suitable for everyone. 100% UV protection feature makes them highly valuable for swimmers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Custom Printed Sprint Polarized Sunglasses

San Remo Serengeti Sunglasses: These stylish UV resistant sunglasses feature titanium and acetate frame with 555nm polarized lens. These sunglasses will make a great choice for swimmers, sports men and in fact anyone who loves to soak up the outdoor summer fun.

Custom San Remo Serengeti Sunglasses

Bolle Clint Sunglasses The Matte Black frame and the TNS polarized lens will make it a great choice for all types of outdoor activities and pool parties. Customize it with your brand and message to make these sunglasses really special.

Customized Bolle Clint Sunglasses

Sprint Sunglass: These Matte black wrap style sunglass fitted with polarized smoky lens make born crowd pleasers both on and off the pools. These are great for sprinters, hikers or infact anyone who loves to explore the outdoor summer fun activities.

Customized Sprint Sunglass

There are a lot more in our Polarized sunglass collection; browse along and choose a model that you find interesting!