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Printed Sunglasses- Giveaways That Combine Style and Quality

Sunglasses make stylish accessories that everyone  will love to have. Available in different colors, styles and shapes, custom sunglasses make a welcome addition to every wardrobe. Apart from enhancing the dressing style, custom sunglasses ensure UV protection and  prevent various eye diseases like cataract and macular degeneration among others.


Sunglasses are fashionable and elegant accessories that attract more attention than most other products.  No matter whether you are choosing sunglasses in neutral and minimal colors like classic sunglasses or something colorful that demand easy attention as mirrored sunglasses, sunglasses offer ample choices for you to project a modest brand image without being outlandish.

Soleil Sunglasses with 3 Colors

Sunglasses are easy to customize and your company’s logo located on the strategic place  of the frames will send across your message without exaggerating the  advertisement. It is impossible to miss your logo and artwork imprinted on the frames.


Sunglasses will travel well with your recipients and these outdoor accessories will play an important role in keeping your message right, left and center of the crowd. Just imagine the exposure your brand will get during carnivals, fairs and festivals.   These stylish custom sunglasses will become the eye candy of everyone around and an interesting talking topics for a long time to come.

Ocean Gradient Navigator Sunglasses

Easy to distribute

 Light weight, compact and shatter resistant, sunglasses make excellent mailer gifts. Include these as lumpy mail items along with your business newsletters and other communication and enhance the value of your mailers. It will add a surprise element to the audience and  will increase the chances of your mailers getting read.

Bottle Opener Malibu Sunglasses

Choices galore

Sunglasses offer a lot of options for marketers to play with various combinations of colors and shapes to ensure  the ultimate fashionable shades for their prospects. The more stylish the accessories are the more comfortable your recipients will feel. Add your  logo or message you want on these popular accessories  for trade shows or company events.

The best part of custom sunglasses is the infinite choices these logo items offer. From the classic choices like navigator sunglasses and wayfarers to fun themed novelty sunglasses and multi functional models like bottle opener sunglasses and so much more- there  is something for every call in custom sunglasses. Just match the model with your budget to make a winning combination that will impress your audience and take your outdoor promotions to the next high!

Translucent Sunglasses

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