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Promote Your Brand with Custom Sunglasses 365 Days!

Well, if you thought sunglasses are only for the sultry summer days, you could be in for a surprise. Be it the UV resistant sunglasses that will keep off the UV reflections caused by snow in winter season or the polarized sunglasses that reduce glare while in water or the glow sunglasses that will drive up your party appeal, sunglasses get used 365 days a year literally! With over 90 million people in the United States choosing to wear these eyewear items, custom sunglasses remain one of the most popular promotional products for all types of businesses.

Custom sunglasses for sunny outdoors

Sunglasses keep the UV risks at bay and protect the eyes of people from the stinging rays when they are outdoors. As temperature rises, custom sunglasses make an essential accessory for summer. You can choose from a range of models from the funky neon colored sunglasses to the trendy navigator sunglasses and the polarized sports sunglasses and more, there is something special for everyone. With ample imprint space to place your brand and logo, these custom sunglasses will make effective brand building tools on a budget.

Sunglasses enjoy mass appeal and are well suited to reach out to customers of all age groups and demographics. Light weight and compact, custom sunglasses are well suited for mailer campaigns, tradeshows and business events alike. These make great party favors for beach and pool parties and outdoor weddings as these trendy accessories not just protect the eyes but also complement the summer outfits of the recipients and make them look cool.

Did you know that Sunglasses are useful in winter season?

Sunglasses make essential accessories during winter as much as these are in the spring and summer because the rate of UV risks is way higher during snow than a sunny day out because snow reflects almost 80% of the sun’s rays. However people fail to see this risk as the sun remains hidden in winter or doesn’t feel hot enough. According to the American Optometric Association, short periods of prolonged exposure to UV radiation can cause an effect called photokeratitis and dry eyes.

Wrap sunglasses will make a good option for the snow outside as it will protect the eyes from the UV radiation and will make the users look stylish as they get busy with decking up their Christmas trees and snowmen! Check out our complete line of custom sunglasses at Sunglassville and choose a model that suits your theme. Personalize these sunglasses with your logo and message and every time they stay safe from dry eyes and irritations they will be reminded of your brand and your commitment and care for the safety of your customers.

For night parties

Sunglasses make brilliant handouts during night events, parties and concerts. Check out our fabulous range of glow in the dark sunglasses that will earn your recipients a lot of attention. Some of the trending models of glow in the dark sunglasses to consider include the following

Slotted EL Wire Glow Shades – Blue & Pink: Leave an electrifying effect among your audience with these glow shades in brilliant blue and pink and see how your brand on these will get all the attention. These CPSIA compliant products are well suited for July 4th parades, wedding parties, concerts and more.

Customized Slotted EL Wire Glow Shades - Blue & Pink

LED Red Glasses: Be it a weekend costume party, Halloween event or more, these LED- red sunglasses will make show stopping custom gifts to consider. Place your brand and logo on these attractive shades and see how the whole world goes crazy!

Customized LED Red Glasses

Glow in the Dark Sunglasses -Yellow Clear Lenses: These clear lens sunglasses will grab a lot of attention for your brand imprinted on this. A great gift item for company parties, wedding celebrations, concerts and more these sunglasses can be considered as an individual gift or as a combo compliment.

Custom Printed Glow in the Dark Sunglasses -Yellow Clear Lenses

So, if you have not been exploiting the full promotional potential of sunglasses as a year-long custom gift, your time starts now!