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Promotional Situations Where Custom Sunglasses Can Be Used Effectively

Custom sunglasses are versatile handouts that will fit every promotional plan with ease. Appealing to every age group, sunglasses can be confidently employed in countless situations and promotional events.

Get started with these tips and get more value for your promotional dollars.



Sponsorship is a great opportunity to promote your brand and highlight your social commitment. You can donate branded sunglasses to booster clubs, high school sports, or leagues.  Your recipients will appreciate your act of thoughtfulness while your message gets a wide angle display during practice sessions and game days.

Lifeguard Sunglasses

Community Events

Community events like health runs, parades and fairs make perfect occasions to promote and build your brand through imprinted sunglasses. People will remember you for a long time even after the events because of these well retained stylish imprinted sunglasses. This is especially helpful when you are a local retailer as people in the community will immediately recognize your brand.

Trade Shows

Massive networking events like trade shows offer  a perfect chance to market your business because people will never resist these handy accessories that will protect them from the sun in the outdoor trade show venues and even after that. Your attendees exploring the trade show would be thankful for  these sunglasses that will keep their eyes safe, which in turn will  increase people’s goodwill towards your business.

Ocean Gradient Navigator Sunglasses

Charity Runs or Walks

Provide an act of service while promoting your brand by giving away custom sunglasses during charity walks and runs. The participants need it to stay safe from sun while your message gets a wide angle display.

Custom Imprinted Sports Sunglasses

Summer camps

Summer camps and outdoor events are wonderful opportunities to deploy custom sunglasses to market your brand.

To promote  Subscription

If you’re inviting prospects to sign up for a subscription in your site, you can consider sunglasses as freebies, which will be a solid reason for them to subscribe. You can also consider logo sunglasses as gifts to the successful subscribers of your site.

Malibu Tortoise Sunglasses

As referral gifts

Convey your gratitude to loyal customers who have been doing great business with you and who send referrals your way. It will make them feel valued and well appreciated and will continue to support you. Referral gifts are the best way to set off word of mouth publicity as well. Most people rely on referrals the most while choosing  retailers and businesses.

These are only some of the ways to promote your brand using branded sunglasses. You’re sure to find more options that will best fit the interests of your business. So start thinking about the best ways to incorporate sunglasses into your promotional mix to increase leads and customer loyalty !