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Promotional Sunglasses for Work, Play and Everything in Between

Sunglasses are popular promotional products around the world especially among Americans that love the grand summer outdoors. Many swear by their favorite pair of sunglasses that will keep them safe from the sun and stylish alike. Sunglasses come handy at home, at holidays, at work and even on the way to work. These are  convenient almost everywhere.

As most people are making the most of the last few summer days, custom sunglasses will make a great choice to get your message travel around with your customers. With every holiday or business trip, there are certain things like sunglasses that need to be packed. Get your artwork or message imprinted on sunglasses to ensure maximum exposure.


Why Branded Sunglasses?

Value added gifts:  Sunglasses are a must when you are outdoors to stay safe from UV rays and dust and enhance the outdoor fashion. Your recipients will find these high utility gifts a perfect choice while it adds incredible value for your brand. Win-win!

Ultra Cool Beachcomber Assorted Neon Color Sunglasses

Portable – Like other wearable promotional items, sunglasses will make a portable advertisement for your organization. Every time your clients or employees wear these whenever they go out for a walk or even to work, your brand will get a bigger exposure.

A wide range of styles: Sunglasses never go out of fashion and everyone has multiple sets of shades for different occasions. The multitude of options on offer will make it easy for marketers to choose sunglasses that suit the specific needs of the audience.

Miami Visor Sunglasses

Sunglasses are available in various material choices and frame and lens colors. Choose  frames in metal, plastic, rubber and even bamboo to complement your branding theme. Make sure that the frames you choose are light weight, comfortable and that can provide optimal grip.

Countless Designs: Even if you want something that will suit the tastes of your audience,  custom sunglasses offer a lot of scope for you to be innovative and  off the beaten track. Be adventurous in choosing the colors,  shapes and style to make your handouts unique and one of its type.

Panama Sunglasses

Highly Fashionable – Sunglasses are something hard to resist for everyone. Apart from being a protective gear sunglasses make a fantastic fashion accessory that goes well with casual and formal outfits with ease. Be it on the beach, on the move or at camping sites, a perfectly customized pair of sunglasses will end up as a great talking topic among everyone. So, your brand imprinted on it will get the much desired word of mouth publicity and repeat impressions at one time investment.

Translucent Riviera Sunglasses

Planning to make custom sunglasses your promotional swag? Explore our collection of custom sunglasses to choose a model that suits your needs.