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Promotional Sunglasses Make Absolute Crowd Favorites !

Sunglasses are loads of fun and fashion and make an affordable giveaway for marketing your business! Whether it is an outdoor game day, a road trip or a picnic, being in bright sunlight without sunglasses can be uncomfortable. That is what makes custom sunglasses popular handouts; everyone needs these and everyone would be happy to get it for FREE.

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Customized sunglasses with your logo are a thoughtful way to market your business. While protecting your recipients from the dangerous UV rays of the sun and making then fashionable you get a high visibility billboard.

Why sunglasses?

Functional: With the sun in your eyes, any outdoor task will be difficult. That is what makes custom sunglasses a great gift choice. It will increase the fun of any outdoor activity and will drive up the style statement.

Sunglasses go wherever your recipients go!   Sunglasses will follow your prospects everywhere. Whether it is the beach, pool, sporting events, parties, trade shows, fundraisers, festivals or  even nightclubs, sunglasses will make a high visibility rolling billboard that everyone will take note of!

Protection – Most sunglasses have UV resistant lenses that will protect the eyes from the damaging rays of the sun.

Fashion forward: Sunglasses remain hot on the fashion scene. Most popular models like Navigator sunglasses or Oahu sunglasses never go out of fashion.

Printed Folding Oahu Sunglasses w/ 8 Colors

Tons of fun: Sunglasses are not plain functional; these are fun too. From glow in the dark models to novelty sunglasses and color changing models there are a lot of fun models that will bring a smile on to the faces of your recipients in no time. Sunglasses make must-have staples for parties and events like graduation parties and weddings as well.

Marketing tools – Personalized sunglasses make a great handout your business. While your prospects have a handy pair of sunglasses on hand, you will have a walking talking billboard. It’s a win-win!

Cost effective: Sunglasses make a budget friendly marketing item to get your message out especially when you have bigger promotional events like tradeshows  and mailer campaigns in mind.

Sunglasses come in an interesting range of colors, shapes and models. Here are some of our personal favorites that will give you some clues on the trending models.

Two-tone Sunglasses

One of the most popular models in sunglasses, two tone sunglasses  will ensure a quick makeover at easy rates. Your recipients will be immensely pleased for sure!

Two -Tone Malibu Sunglasses with White Frame

Fashion Sunglasses

Offered in a wide range of frame colors, these fashionable sunglasses will make a great place for your brand.

Classic Sunglasses - Assorted Colors

Kids Sunglasses

Kids need UV protection more than adults; but it remains an overlooked fact at times. Sized for kids, these stylish kids sunglasses are perfect for schools, camps, graduations and more!

Kids Party Sunglasses

Browse our collection to choose more and get all eyes on your brand.