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Promotional Sunglasses- Make Your Brand The Eye Candy Of Your Recipients

Reports show that approximately 90 million people in the United States wear sunglasses and 85 percent of Americans considers eye protection as an important factor in ensuring good health. So, can there be a better custom gift than custom sunglasses to get your message out? Custom sunglasses are one of the most popular promotional handouts for any business simply because everyone will wear it as protective eye wear items and stylish accessories alike. Not just for the simmering hot summer days but winter season as well- sunglasses ensure brand exposure for the whole year.

Customized Sprint Sunglasses

Offered in a range of attractive models and trending colors, you can choose custom sunglasses in models that will appeal to your target audience. Be it the sleek navigators, the simple classic sunglasses or the funky neon sunglasses, there is something special for everyone. You can personalize these with your logo and message on both sides of the frame to turn these into walking billboards for your brand.

Be it a sporting event, company picnic or trade show, custom sunglasses will be the best way to get your message out. From ecofriendly sunglasses to those featuring colored lenses and full imprint frames, there is something special for everyone. There are even sunglasses in various themes like patriotic themes in red, blue and white flag colors for special events like July 4th or other patriotic events. If you are planning a night event, then these glow-in-the-dark sunglasses will be a good option to consider.

Sunglasses are one of the most popular accessories among everyone, which in turn will make it a great choice to market their message to just about any target demographic. These custom gifts will fare well as individual gifts and as gift sets, which will keep your message fresh in every one’s mind.

Need some tips to find the most trending custom sunglasses these days?

Sports sunglasses: According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), nearly 90 percent of sports eye injuries can be prevented. Sports sunglasses will thus make a useful gift item to promote sports events and activities. Sprint sunglasses and Island wrap sunglasses are interesting models to consider. You can even choose football themed sports sunglasses is you are looking for something fun and functional alike.

Customized Football Glasses

Classic sunglasses: Steal the heart of your audience with the timeless appeal of these custom sunglasses. There are lot of color combinations and models to choose from.

Navigator sunglasses: The trusted choice of the high flying pilots, navigator sunglasses will add up to the macho appeal of your customers in no time. Ideal to promote men’s fashion brands, these sunglasses are designed to turn heads! Check out our fabulous collection of custom sunglasses including backstreet sunglasses or Color Mirrored Navigator Sunglasses among others.

So, what are your favorite custom sunglass models? Join our conversation for sure.