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Promotional Sunglasses- Signature Handouts For Travel And Hospitality Niche

Popular handouts like sunglasses are ideal to promote all business niches. However, these glamorous accessories are especially significant in travel and hospitality industry. Some businesses find it easy to  find appropriate merchandise that match their business theme. Custom sunglasses indeed make classic promotional items that are a huge success. Ideal to be used  in every situation,  these promo gifts are something the travel niche can take advantage of.


Incredibly popular, cost effective and relevant to travel theme, sunglasses can go a long way in spicing up the outdoor advertising campaigns. You might find some new and useful ideas for your organization in this post.

How Promotional sunglasses can be used

Simple but effective, custom sunglasses imprinted with your company logo will turn the recipients into your brand ambassadors literally! Just think how many people an ambassador can come into contact with in just one day!  Custom sunglasses are indeed a budget friendly yet effective way to obtain brand exposure.

Solid Classic Sunglasses

Custom sunglasses ensure great brand exposure during daily commute, holidays and outdoor events. Customized with your logo, sunglasses can be a real lifesaver for people outdoors to keep the eyes safe from UV rays and  boost their style appearance. Plus, these modern promotional gifts will easily make trendsetters in your industry.

The best part is that custom sunglasses can be used as stand along gifts or even with conventional promotional materials with equal ease. The middle name of luxury and classic charm, sunglasses are hard to resist as these will keep the users safe from UV risks and make them comfortable even in hot and sultry settings.

Translucent Riviera Sunglasses

There is nothing like having too many sunglasses for anyone. Your recipients will be excited to get these accessories for them any time. Most people even fancy keeping multiple sets for the many special occasions and events in their life including parties, beach holidays or road trips. Available in a wide range of trending models and colors, finding an appropriate pair of custom sunglasses that match your theme is a breeze!

If you are catering to an audience group that pursues an active life style, custom sports sunglasses will make a great choice. The tight wrap design coupled with UV resistant features and ample imprint space will make it a popular gift choice.

 Solar Shade Shiny Sunglasses

Navigator sunglasses that are available in a wide range of color choices make another fabulous choice. Made famous by matinee idols and celebrities, these sunglasses stand out for its tear drop shaped lenses and wire shaped frames. Place your logo or artwork on the lens to make it prominent without being overwhelming.

Color Mirrored Navigator Sunglasses

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