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Promotional sunglasses- Stylish Gifts For All Seasons

It may seem that the business world is drifting closer to popular handouts like sunglasses to boost up their branding campaign. It is a welcome change from the overwhelming tech gifts that your recipients may get day in and day out. Tech fatigue is real and classic gifts like sunglasses will make a smart way to make a change!


Old school promotional strategies and handouts are seriously back- in- trend. So, if you are planning a high visibility promotional campaign on a budget, custom sunglasses will make a great choice.

There are plenty of different types of sunglasses, which make it easy for you to choose a model that aligns with your event. From kids’ sunglasses to mirrored sunglasses, foldable sunglasses or floating sunglasses, you have a lot of options to consider at prices to die for!

Imprinted Gradient Sunglasses

For golf themed promotions

Golf is a popular leisure activity among the business class. So, running a golf day or planning a golf- themed campaign will be an effective way to get the attention of executives. Custom sunglasses make a must- have accessory for the golf greens for both the players and fans to stay stylish and sun- safe alike. Needless to say, your logo and message imprinted on it will get a lot of eyeballs not just in the golf links but beyond as well.

Malibu Foldable Sunglasses

Choose useful models like UV resistant Malibu sunglasses or Gradient sunglasses. Fancy a fun twist? Look no further than neon sunglasses or color changing sunglasses that will put up a dazzling show of colors in the sun.

Holiday promotions

Holidays are inching closer and it is time for retailers to plan a unique promotion to increase the footfalls at their stores. A raffle contest, fun quiz and games are some of the delightful options to get more people in and  pique an interest in them. Sunglasses make a perfect contest prize for your prospects. Budget friendly and infinitely popular, sunglasses will leave everyone impressed. It is just a matter of time before they become fully engaged with your brand.

Color Mirrored Navigator Sunglasses

 Kids events and parties

Keep the kids occupied with these fancy sunglasses in various attractive prints and frame colors while the grownups can talk business with you.  If you’re planning a sales day, where the kids are likely to get bored, keep the little ones occupied with custom sunglasses.

Set up a photo booth and kids will love to spend hours on end striking the best poses of their life time in their favorite sunglasses. Did we say that sunglasses qualify as excellent photo booth props in all types of events from new product launch to parties and weddings?

Kids Dark Wood Grain Iconic Sunglasses

Now that you have some of the best ways to deploy sunglasses in your promotional plans,  get started right away by browsing our complete line of sunglasses