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Reserve Your Imprinted Sunglasses For Summer Events

Summer is a great time for marketers to make their brand noticed and stand-out in a sea of competition. To gain the attention of the consumers, being flashy helps. On an average a person sees countless advertisements on TV, internet and billboards and flyers. So, if you wish to leave a lasting impression in them and make a rapport on an emotional level, you need to think of interesting handouts like sunglasses.


A pair of fine quality sunglasses will speak themselves for your brand identity. When it comes to eye-catching promo merchandise nothing else can match the popularity of printed sunglasses.


Available in a palette of colors that range from fiery red to neon green, sunny yellow and even  rainbow hues, sunglasses can be used to market your brand and  highlight your message without being overwhelming. These trendy accessories are a smart choice if you are really looking to be in the spotlight. Colorful sunglasses go well with summer fashions and hues and will stand out in the crowd.

If you want to be festive during your promotions, choose models like glitter framed sunglasses or solid colored models that make heads turn.

Glamour Glitter Sunglasses

Attention Grabbing Promotions

Sunglasses can elevate the mood during work, play and everything in between! Glamorous models like mirrored sunglasses will bring in a pop of fun colors to even low key events and will perk up the dressing style and enhance the outdoor presence of the recipients.

Choose custom sunglasses in your corporate colors to make a statement during business events and trade shows as your team will become the center of attraction of the public and can easily be identified.

Tips to remember

Go for fashion– The good news is that custom sunglasses are available in a wide range of solid colors and even striped and animal print patterns. Marketers enjoy a lot of creative freedom when they have versatile and popular handouts like sunglasses on hand.

Zebra Wild Life White Personalized Malibu Sunglasses

Go for functionality – Make sure that the sunglasses you choose are not just fashionable but  functional as well. Choose models that bring in function and aesthetics in equal doses to make sure that your brand enjoys guaranteed exposure on a regular basis.

Maverick Customized Sunglasses

Go for reality – Sunglasses are useful in real life for everyone. So, your consumers will find it easy to relate to your brand and remember it as part of their natural and real life style.

Rimless Sunglasses

Go for relevance  – Make sure the sunglasses you choose is something that your audience can easily associate with your brand. For instance, if you are a sports brand, models like sports sunglasses or foldable sunglasses will make an appropriate choice whereas  a fashion store may find mirrored sunglasses or the navigator sunglasses a perfect option.

Sprint Polarized Sunglasses

At the end of the day, custom sunglasses will help your company to boost brand visibility and will make a perfect addition to your marketing strategy. How do  you plan to use imprinted sunglasses in your promotions? Share your ideas on our facebook page.