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Smart Tips To Consider While Choosing Promotional Sunglasses

The sunglass market in the U.S. is a $3 billion-a-year industry, which shows how popular these are as fashion accessories and eyewear items. From cost effective replicas to exorbitantly priced designer glasses and everything that falls in between, sunglasses are available in all possible models. This will also explain the immense popularity of sunglasses as promotional gifts and tradeshows staples.

Here are some interesting tips to consider while choosing promotional sunglasses

Sunglasses are fashion statements
Most people wear sunglasses not just to protect their eyes but as fashion statements. It is interesting to note that more women buy sunglasses than men. So while using sunglasses as logo gifts it will be a smart idea to include women and kids sunglasses into the marketing mix. Available in a range of models like UV protected Malibu sunglasses and Oahu sunglasses to fun sunglasses and wedding sunglasses, there is something special in custom sunglasses for every event.Customized Malibu Foldable Sunglasses

Know What’s Hot
Sunglasses, like any other fashion accessories, go in and out of style. Keep up with the trends by including personalized sunglasses in the latest models and color choices in your gift list. Take a look at the fashion magazines or visit upscale sunglasses boutiques to get a hang of the trends doing the rounds.

Sports seasons, movie releases and celebrity shows will all kick off fashion trends and that includes sunglasses as well. So, keep a tab on the latest fashion preferences and try to include these in your marketing product list.

How to hand out
Sunglasses are light weight and compact and are easy to distribute. Be it as tradeshow handouts, employee gifts, loyalty items or store promotional gifts, sunglasses can be employed in countless contexts and promotional events effectively.

Themes and colors
Marketers planning themed contests or seasonal promotions can all consider custom sunglasses that complement the branding theme. For instance during fall promotions, you can consider neon sunglasses, brightly colored Malibu sunglasses or the classic navigator sunglasses. Imprint your artwork and logo on these sunglasses to add a personal touch.Maverick Customized Sunglasses

You can think of running fun contests by asking your customers to vote for their favorite sunglasses from the several popular styles you have in stock. This will help you get an overview of the popularity that each model of sunglass enjoys among your recipients.

Online presence
Marketers can interact with their audience through blogs, social media pages to encourage their recipients to post their party snaps in their custom sunglasses.

Browse our collection of logo sunglasses to choose promotional sunglasses in all possible genres. Should you need promotional tips or suggestions, feel free to call us.