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 Sunglasses As Photobooth Props – The Timeless Choice!

3…2…1…Say cheese!  To make your guests strike their best smile and the best pose you need some ultimate photobooth accessories like sunglasses. Offered in a mind boggling range of models and colors, sunglasses offer something special for everyone . The best part is that these popular handouts will double as take home favors for your guests!

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Your guests will simply be excited to grab these stylish accessories and strike a pose. Whether it is birthday, wedding, graduation party or a weekend fun party, these photobooth accessories will go a long way in making your event popular. Photobooth accessories keep the guests engaged from start to stop and drive up the party mood to its top pitch.

Sunglasses will perfectly fit your shindig and match the party apparels in style. These fun filled party staples will encourage everyone to pose with a prop and get everybody camera-ready. We bet, its going to be a busy day for Selfie lovers for sure!

Why sunglasses?

Ever wondered what makes custom sunglasses wow-worthy props for every photo booths?

Incredibly popular

Sunglasses are incredibly popular and match with the fun and fiesta of any event or the theme of any photo booth you may have in mind- whether it’s a beach theme, a Halloween theme, a Valentine theme, sunglasses or something different!. Our 110% lowest price guarantee will give you another reason to make you smile too!


Sunglasses tug the hearts of everyone, irrespective of age or demographics. So, even if you have a speckled guest list, these photo booth accessories will impress everyone. Even the most camera-shy of your guests will love to try these on and strike some novel poses for sure.

Budget friendly

Sunglasses will fit the bills of even the most budget conscious. Starting at prices less than 1$, custom sunglasses will enhance the party vibes without compromising your budget. The best part is that when you buy in bulk, you get the best deals as well. So, why not get lavish with your photo booth accessories and leave your guests truly awestruck?

Limitless options

Sunglasses stretch the fun tide and enhance the party mood like anything. If you are planning a night party, LED sunglasses will make a great choice.

Imprinted LED Rainbow Glasses

Planning a tropical, Luau themed birthday event? Color changing sunglasses or mirrored sunglasses will make some great choices.


Color Changing Malibu Sunglasses

Fancy a Hollywood themed party that will leave your guests star struck? There can’t be a better option like John Lennon sunglasses!

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