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 Sunglasses Make Great Handouts For New fashion Store Promotions

Looking for the best way to make your newly opened fashion store famous in the shortest time possible?  Not enough promotional budget on hand for conventional advertisements like billboards? Here is a super cool idea! Have you thought about custom sunglasses as possible promotional items to build up a buzz?

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Let your prospects be the best advertisements for you! Hand out these trendy custom gifts that will make them look cool and fashion-forward. Your brand imprinted on these will get a lot of attention and appreciation in turn. Sunglasses are must-haves in any contemporary wardrobe. Offered in a wide range of patterns and colors, sunglasses go well with every apparel trends as well.

Get your brand and message imprinted on these sunglasses to get your word out. Imagine the exposure your brand will get everytime your prospects wear these stylish sunglasses during picnics, outdoor fun or parties. Your brand will make a popular banter topic as well.

The best part- You don’t need a blazing sun to wear sunglasses because your eyes need UV protection all round the year. With the holiday season around the corner, it is time for everyone to  get dressed to kill and up your game with the hottest sunglasses of the moment.

Don’t worry, we have rounded up the latest sunglasses trends for you to try on.

Mirrored frames are made with you in mind! Flashy and flamboyant, mirrored sunglasses will keep the eyes fully covered while the person talking to you will be staring at their own reflection! Reflective sunglasses can be both classy and stylish. As you know, many fashion icons and movie stars are long term fans of these sunglasses. Your brand imprinted on these sunglasses will get a lot of envious glances for sure.

Imprinted Color Mirrored Navigator Sunglasses

Fancy a low key fashion trend this season? Clear sunglasses will make a good bet. These may seem inconspicuous; but these are subtle and fashion forward at the same time. It will go well with the bright colored fall fashion trends.

Clear View Oahu Sunglasses

One of the biggest trends in sunglasses during this season has been gradient sunglasses. It is available in a wide range of lens colors for you to take your pick. The unique gradient patterns will keep the peepers safe from sun without compromising visibility.

Classic Black Gradient Malibu Sunglasses

Now that you have the most popular sunglasses in your promotional mix, you can go all out promoting your fashion stores and enhancing the fanbase. Happy shopping!