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Sunglasses Trends for Autumn and Winter seasons 2018-2019

Though sunglasses are summer and spring season staples for most people, the fashion ramp shows and scientific studies show that sunglasses are highly popular and useful all round the year. UV radiation persists in the atmosphere even during winter when the sun may not be visible, which proves that sunglasses can never have a seasonal shelf life! They are vital and fascinating regardless of the season or temperature!

Sunglasses Trends for Autumn and Winter seasons 2018-2019

Here are some of the trending sunglasses trends for fall and winter seasons 2018-19. We saw an interesting mix of traditional frames along with over sized frames and brilliant hues to complement the eclectic styles.Promotional Spaceman Light Up Futuristic Sunglasses

  • Forest green, neon shades and hot pinks are likely to be popular

Brilliant colors and hues that go well with the fall season spectacles are going to be the hottest trend in sunglasses. Classic Sunglasses – Green will make a perfect choice to consider. Green will match the personality of every nature lovers and will make your brand stand out. Marketers that wish to make their brand popular during fall and winter season can put their promotional dime on these crowd pleasing models. Rubberized sunglasses that are offered in a range of autumn colors like orange and green will make another brilliant choice to consider. Personalize these with your brand and message to make it unique and attention grabbing.

Safety sunglasses models with futuristic designs are the other hot models to consider for the colder months. The full cover design will protect the eyes from weather elements and dust and enhance the personality of the users. These light up futuristic sunglasses will make a great choice for promoting theme parties and night clubs. The users will simply love to get a pair of these sunglasses that flaunt a revolutionary   design as it will transcend their personality to an ethereal plane.

Retro sunglasses feature a bold and fearless style with an old fashioned twist that will make a perfect fall season accessory that will make the users look confident and season ready.

  • Black and White Sunglasses

The iconic monochrome designs are here to stay for a long time considering the incredible popularity that these sunglasses enjoy. These sunglasses that refer to the universal duality of light and darkness will make a powerful marketing tool for you to consider. Check out these checkered black and white sunglasses that will stand out against the brilliant fall season apparels and colorful profiles of the users.

  • Translucent sunglasses

Translucent Riviera Sunglasses offered in a trendy unisex design and featuring UV 400 lenses will make a dashing statement while outdoors. Translucent sunglasses will make a popular trend during the upcoming fall and winter season. The cool vibe and the assertive identity of these sunglasses will make a great choice to match the mood of the season. We personally like these translucent models because it will  give a great elbow room for the users to try out experimental makeup and the trending fall accessories.

  • Non-Traditional Shades

Quirky and non-traditional shapes in sunglasses will be another trend to watch out for during this season. It allows a scope for a dramatic makeover and style metamorphosis on a grand scale. Choose from a range of shapes including heart, star, cat eye and more. These guitar shaped light up sunglasses is a perfect sample of what can be expected on the runways this season. It will be a welcome exit from the mundane personal style for the users by throwing the traditional norms into air! These sunglasses may look compelling or even bizarre but it will surely express the musical inclination and the fearless personality of the users. Customize these with your brand and message to make it a happening billboard for your brand, musical troupe or events.

Why slow down as the temperature plummets? These fashion sunglasses that are appropriate for both day and night style will put your brand on a proud parade with specks of glamour and drama. Go for it!