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Super Tips To Design Promotional Sunglasses

Sunglasses win hands down as successful marketing and branding tools of all times. Studies show that 66% of participants said they could recall the brand on the promotional product received with the past 12 months.

Popular  accessories like custom sunglasses deliver a better return on investment than conventional publicity methods like radio and outdoor advertising,  due to repeated brand marketing that these promotional products provide.

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Sunglasses enjoy a high shelf life and your recipients will retain and use it as long as it works. Moreover, sunglasses make great collectibles for most people. Since promotional sunglasses can have a material impact on your sales, it is crucial that you get it right.

The key is to design sunglasses that reflect your brand identity. Choose an appropriate model that matches this brand identity, customize it with the right information so that your merchandise stand out in style.


Sunglasses are ideal as standalone promotional giveaways, gift package items, trade show swag or milestone gifts. No matter how you wish to use these your investment on sunglasses provides the highest return possible.

Here are a few things you should always keep in mind in planning your next promotional sunglasses.

Choose a model that Reflects Your Brand’s Identity

The promotional  product you use is essentially a reflection of the ideologies that your brand stands for. So, make sure that it is in sync with your brand’s unique selling point. For instance,  if you wish to portray yourself as a serious corporate brand, it is recommended to use classic models like navigator sunglasses in your brand colors. Add your logo and message to highlight your  brand’s ideologies.

This popular range of sunglasses come in  assorted colors and with mirrored lenses or solid colored lens. These elegant sunglasses have a professional style and quality that would suit most companies.

If your brand image is that of hip, fun company, then you can choose funky models like neon sunglasses that will impress both the young and the young at heart. You can also adopt an adventurous style in customize these accessories with your brand and message. These novelty sunglasses not only grabs easy attention  but are also functional.

Be unique

As you have a limited imprint space on promotional sunglasses, it is vital to make use of the imprint space the best way possible. Instead of stuffing too much information , you can choose only the most relevant information and an artwork that will create an element of curiosity in the minds of the audience. The basic objective is to make people engage with your brand in a subtle way. So, make sure to customize it in such a way that your sunglasses end up as something that everyone will simply love to show off wherever they go. Stuffing too much information may make the sunglasses look outlandish, which not many people may be keen to wear!

 Adopting a minimalist approach in customization can make a lot of difference in highlighting just the information that you need to without leaving the audience overwhelmed

Now that you have a quick list of some of the best tips to customize sunglasses, it is time to get started by exploring our complete line of sunglasses that will  complement your branding needs.