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Surprising  Reasons to Put Your Brand on Sunglasses

 If you are looking for the best way to advertise your business beyond social media and billboards, consider making custom sunglasses your promotional swag. When the same old promotional strategies fail to work , you need engaging handouts like custom sunglasses to enhance your brand exposure.

Sunglasses are available in various sizes and shapes that will appease every genre of your audience. So, whether your target audience comprises of men, women, or children, sunglasses will look amazing with your company’s name and logo on it.

Why you need custom sunglasses

Everyone uses sunglasses

Everyone will have atleast 2-3 pairs of sunglasses in their closet to accessorize their dressing styles for different occasions. They are trendy,convenient and above all will travel well wherever your recipients go.

Well retained

Sunglasses enjoy a formidable shelf life and wont end up in landfills quickly. So if you have been looking for a custom gift that will reflect your ecofriendly credentials, sunglasses will make a great choice.


Sunglasses are durable, and hence your customers are more likely to take them out more often. Every time your recipients wear sunglasses, it will ensure you an assured return on your investment.

They are affordable

Custom sunglasses printed with your company logo make cost effective handouts, that will match even budget marketers. If you thought that the most popular handouts are expensive, you could be in for a surprise to see the crowd pulling power of sunglasses. It is an affordable and useful gift for your customers.


The high versatility of sunglasses will make it a great choice for all types of events. No matter whether you use sunglasses as loyalty gifts, promotional swag , fund raising items or something more, your logo and message on it will get a lot of attention. Thus sunglasses make items that  your customers will  surely use and appreciate.

Sunglasses make excellent employee appreciation gifts.  When was the last time you rewarded your employees?  Did you know that even a small gift will go a long way in boosting their loyalty . They will surely remember the reason they received it and hence will remain motivated to raise their performance bench mark.

Attention grabbing

If you are looking for something unique, look no further than custom sunglasses. It will help you stand out in the crowd and will grab the attention of everyone who will see it.

Choose from a large selection of interesting models in custom sunglasses including color changing sunglasses, bottle opener sunglasses and more. Fun and functional, sunglasses will also help you promote your brand.

As gift basket items

Sunglasses are not just popular as stand- alone gifts but make great gift basket items during milestone events or product launch event. It will offer more value for your recipients, while ensuring a better exposure for your brand. Win-win


Sunglasses keep the eyes well shielded from UV rays while boosting  their style. It seems silly, but everyone loves sunglasses  for this reason and nobody can ever have too many! Even if your customers have a few pairs of sunglasses already they will surely be excited to receive another one anytime, especially if it’s of a unique design.

 Now that you have some solid reasons to make custom sunglasses your swag, it is time to explore our complete line of sunglasses to choose a model that will impress everyone.