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Tips to Choose Right Sunglasses for your Face

No doubt those sunglasses are going to be the most priced accessories in your wardrobe. They not only complete your look, but also boost your personality. Perhaps you might be looking into different factors while choosing the right pair of sunglasses. Budget, fashion, trends, comfort, and material are most common factors for consideration. Many times facial structure is neglected and people give up to the thought of “what may work for other may work for me, too”.  That is not true. Here is something about how to choose sunglasses according to your facial structure –

Classic Sunglasses

  • Round – Most common facial structure observed around the world. It refers to a face with length and width in same proportions with no definite angles. You should go for angular or rectangular frames, which create definition to your face. Avoid using round frames, and frames with embellishments.
  • Square – A face with strong jaw line, cheekbones and wide forehead falls under this categorization. Round or oval sunglass frames work best for people with this face cut.
  • Oval – A face with balanced proportions comes under this specification and people with oval face are considered blessed ones, when it comes to sunglasses. They can try out almost all types of sunglasses. Aviator frames, over sized – polarized frames, and walnut-shaped frames work best for people with oval faces. Only care should be taken to choose the frame, which is wider than widest part of the face.
  • Oblong – People having long straight cheek line  fall under this category. Round or oval or square lenses are suggested for them. It makes their face appear shorter, defined and balanced.  Avoid using rectangular lens because they might make your face appear even longer than original.
  • Triangular face – Narrow foreheads and wider cheekbones are the prominent features for a person with triangular facial cut. It is always advisable to choose sunglass, which gets wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. Go for bright sunglasses with accentuations or embellishments or detailing. Cat-eye lenses with metal frames can do wonders for your eyes.
  • Diamond face – Considered as one of the rarest kinds of face cuts , it is characterized by narrow forehead and highly dramatic cheekbones followed by narrow chin. Slightly curved square frames or oval frames make good choice for people with such face types. Styles with detailing over brow lines work best for such people. Narrower frames also look good for them.

If you are still confused about your facial structure, then we suggest you try to look through images of different celebrities and analyze your facial structure or approach your cosmetologist. The above mentioned are only suggestions to look good with sunglasses and they are derived from recommendations from authoritative sources.