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Tips To Choose Sunglasses for Outdoor Activities

Summer is in its glory and everyone is already making holiday plans and sports activities. Marketers that wish to reach out to the outdoorsy audience will find custom sunglasses a great choice. Budget friendly and popular, these accessories will make your audience look great while promoting your brand. Win-win

Summer is a great season for activities like trekking, biking and camping.  These activities draw in a large audience and handing out giveaways like sunglasses is a great way to get your message across. Sunglasses are popular across a wider audience as they enjoy a universal appeal. So, investing in custom sunglasses for advertising is a good marketing strategy for brands. Their practical value will make them an instant hit among all types of people while your brand enjoys a greater outreach.

In addition, sunglasses will ensure greater returns in the long term thanks to its low cost advantage and  high retention. You can also order them in bulk to get the best price advantage. As long as they are in use, branded sunglasses serve as portable billboards for the brand. Plus, to protect against the harsh climate,  most people carry logo sunglasses  in their bags all the time. Thus, investing in them provides greater returns for brand marketing over a long period.

 However, not all sunglasses are alike. If you are particularly looking to engage the outdoorsy audience, here are a few tips worth considering.

Choose lightweight sunglasses

Consider light weight and durable sunglasses like those with acetate or plastic frames . Apart from being durable , these frames will handle the drops better.


Choose frames that fit the face comfortably. As your recipients will surely be wearing the sunglasses for a long time,  it is important to choose comfortable frames. Choose models like wraparound sunglasses  that fit nicely around the eyes for active pursuits.

Polarized sunglasses are another  great investment in  hiking sunglasses as they reduce harsh glares and protect your eyes long term.

UV Protection

Make sure to choose sunglasses with UV protection lenses that will block both UVA and UVB rays.  Studies show that constant exposure to sun  can cause various eye diseases like cataract and macular degeneration among others.

Scratch Resistant

The active audience may appreciate sunglasses with lenses with scratch resistant coating as they’ll survive the general wear and tear of  outdoor activities.

Now that you have  a fair idea on the best ways to buy custom sunglasses, get started by exploring our complete line of sunglasses.