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Top Tips To Use Custom Sunglasses In Your Holiday Promotions

Custom Sunglasses make popular promotional tools all round the year and they win hands down as holiday gifts as well. People are more aware of the eye protection features of sunglasses than ever before these days. Wearing sunglasses will reduce the UV risks and protect the eyes from various conditions like cataract, and macular degeneration. By buying in bulk, you can ensure the best discount deals as well. Sunglasses offer a high visibility imprint space that can be utilized to place your brand and message right on full view of the customers.

Here are some tips to sneak in custom sunglasses during your holiday promotions.

Sunglasses as party favors

Be it holiday corporate parties, family reunion or picnics, sunglasses will make delightful party favors that people will love. Customize these with your artwork or greetings to make it a unique and thoughtful gift that everyone will love. Choose 100% UV resistant sunglasses  that will keep your recipients safe all round the year. During winter the risks of UV rays is more than even in summer because snow reflects these rays quicker than other surfaces. So, can there be a better option than UV resistant sunglasses as your holiday gifts? Choose from a range of trending models and colors and get them printed with your brand and artwork to engage  your audience in a fun manner.

Personalized Black Oahu Classic Sunglasses

As tradeshow swag

Tradeshows draw huge crowds and by choosing popular gifts like sunglasses, marketers can easily grab the undivided attention of their audience. Sunglasses are gifts that are incredibly popular among everyone irrespective of age or gender factors. By making custom sunglasses your tradeshow gift, you can easily drive up the footfalls of your booth and tempt the audience to spend more time. You can even hand these out as tradeshow gifts to enhance the engagement of the audience with your brand. Reports show that custom gifts that the audience can use actually will get a lot of attention and appreciation than gifts that have only novelty value. Every time your audience wears sunglasses, they will get across your message to a wider audience.

As mailer gifts

 Light weight and compact, custom sunglasses can be used as mailer gifts during holiday season. Research has shown that adding small custom gifts like sunglasses in mailer campaigns and business newsletters, will increase the chances of your mails being read. Choose trending models like polarized sunglasses that will reduce the glare and enhance visibility or models like bamboo sunglasses that will grab easy attention of everyone.

Let’s be frank about it. A trendy pair of sunglasses will grab easy attention and will keep your brand right in front of the world outside. A pair of branded sunglasses will make great talking topic among anyone who sees it. Sunglasses thus will take your brand into a wider secondary audience without any repeat investment or effort.

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