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UV Safe Sunglasses Are Trending- Make It Your Marketing Gift

Most people are not keen to talk about Ultraviolet rays simply because it is not a hot topic. But, UV sunglasses have evolved to be a stimulating topic among everyone these days thanks to the growing awareness about the damage that UV rays can do to us.

So, if you are looking for a thoughtful gift that will say how much you care for your recipients, look no further than UV resistant sunglasses. Offered in dime a dozen trending models, custom sunglasses make irresistible gifts for every genre of audience.

Though all types of sunglasses are tempting accessories, not all shades have UV filtering lenses that can protect the eyes when you are out in the sun. Interestingly UV rays are present always in the atmosphere and can cause damage even in winter when the sun is not visible. So, UV resistant sunglasses will make a great custom gift all- round the year and not just during summer.

We have a well sorted list of some of the best UV resistant sunglasses that come with the added advantage of an unbeatable price tag. Check out our complete line of UV 400 sunglasses that offer something special for everyone. Get started with these best- selling models and stay safe and stylish alike!

Most of the models in custom Malibu sunglasses have UV 400 lenses. Offered in a breathtakingly beautiful range of colors and models, these sunglasses will make a great addition to the marketing swag for sure. Personalize these with your brand and message and every time your customer wears it outdoors, your brand will get a lot of envious glances.

Malibu Two Tone Glasses will make a great choice. The darker lenses will stand out against the light frames. These stylish sunglasses will match the bright summer apparels of the users as well. The handy model of Malibu folding sunglasses  will match the needs of travelling executives and outdoorsy people as the foldable design will make it easy to carry these sunglasses without adding to the bulk.

Custom Folding Malibu Sunglasses w/ 12 Colors

Oahu sunglasses: Named after the popular Hawaiian island of Oahu, these sunglasses need no lengthy introduction as a perfect wear for the beach and the sunny outdoors!  The brilliant color choices and casual designs of these sunglasses have made it a favorite choice of the outdoorsy community. Mirrored Malibu sunglasses will cut out the amount of light coming through the glasses and block UV rays. These light weight shades made of recyclable polycarbonate material makes a green themed custom gift as well.

Polarized sunglasses  that cut down on nasty glare and blocking dangerous rays is another hot favorite.Sprint Polarized Sunglasses is a good choice to consider in this category. These wrap style sports sunglasses will look good everywhere!

Safety is indeed in vogue! Inspire your audience to stay UV safe with these sunglasses and get your brand promoted in the process. Happy shopping!