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What Makes Lens Imprinted Sunglasses Popular Wedding Favors

The biggest day in the lives of every damsel will obviously be her wedding day. Weather to die for, drop dead gorgeous outfits and above all the choicest wedding sunglasses as favors that will literally sweep your recipients off their feet – A fairy tale wedding is easier said than done! When the wedding day dawns, we realize how these little things really make a wedding special.

When it comes to personalized wedding favors, most people seems to hold a special place for custom sunglasses in their hearts. Super stylish, trendy and always in use, sunglasses are no match to most other wedding favors for sure. The case was no different for Amanda, hailing from Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, well known for being the home town of some of the hottest women in the country!

Amanda reached us at sunglassville to enquire about some unique sunglass models that will literally leave lasting impressions in the minds of her wedding guests. After taking her budget and the needs, we suggested lens imprinted sunglasses as a safe bet as wedding favors for her. After browsing through our impressive collection of lens imprinted sunglasses, Amanda chose the following few models, which incidentally are our top favorites as well. It can’t be a coincidence we bet!

Abstract Colorful Lens Imprinted Black Oahu Sunglasses: Pack an oomph to any occasion with these smart sunglasses that will make anyone look great in them! This colorful lens imprinted black sunglasses is an elegant fashion accessory, which you can count at all times. Not just for wedding, this party favorite black sunglass makes an awesome giveaway during your theme wedding, champagne fuelled parties, joyous get together or any other occasion by beach or pool.Abstract Colorful Lens Imprinted Black Oahu Sunglasses

American Flag Lens Imprinted Black Malibu Sunglasses: Amada had a unique idea up her sleeve when she picked up these American flag themed sunglasses for her pre wedding party which incidentally is scheduled for September 5th, Labor Day. She told us that there can’t be better occasion than her own wedding party to flaunt her nationalist pride by handing out these nationalist themed sunglasses.American Flag Lens Imprinted Black Malibu Sunglasses

Bachelorette Wedding Red Custom Lens Imprinted Sunglasses: Undeniably, these stunning red custom lens sunglasses will be any bride’s best friend (after chocolate, flowers and diamonds) as it helps her to reach out to her friends easily. These lens sunglasses can be gifted during bachelorette party, wedding party or other girly get-together events. It makes a great fashion choice for the people who receive it as a gift and they can team it with all types of dresses and jewelry.Bachelorette Wedding Red Custom Lens Imprinted Sunglasses

Dominator Lens Imprinted Sunglasses Customized Dominator lens imprinted sunglasses are sure to allow your customers to party in style. These stylish sunglasses are perfect as not just wedding favors but also for sporting events, youth clubs, dance clubs, bars and more. These imprinted sunglasses can be offered as a compliment or acknowledgement during pre-wedding bashes, too. You can save large by bulk ordering these custom sunglasses. Save on free shipping and enjoy great prices.Customized Dominator Lens Imprinted Sunglasses

Amanda is happy with her shopping list. So, which one will be your choice if you were in her place? Let us know