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What Your Sunglasses Tell About Your Style

Sunglasses can enhance the style and character of people easily. A trendy pair of personalized sunglasses will make an attention grabber front and center as these can easily enhance your profile and personality. Marketers find custom sunglasses time tested classics in their promotional gift list simply because everyone loves sunglasses and there is something special for everyone.


Here are some sunglass shapes and what these suggest. So, next time you are ordering sunglasses for your customers, spare a thought at their tastes and choose something that will go down well with your target audience.


Wrap-around sunglasses are for people who love outdoors and sporting events. These are perfect for the hiking trails, race circuits and golf greens and often double pull as safety sunglasses. Great for casual day out for anyone and a safe bet to turn heads. These are great for every occasion and after a lot of thinking we thought there are only very few places where these trendy sunglasses may look out of place- May be the boardrooms or during a romantic date in the park!

Custom Printed Classic Wrap Sunglass


It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that these have always been the official shades of most American guys. Custom navigator sunglasses look great with formals and casuals and these have come a long way since these were invented to protect the eyes of pilots in the American military. The wrap around ear pieces that keep the shades locked in place is the salient feature of these sunglasses.

Maverick Customized Sunglasses

Big and Square frames

Rub off a celebrity charm of the music icons and the rappers with these high end fashion accessory. Designed to be the ultimate crowd pleaser, these logo sunglasses will never fail to highlight either your brand or the fashion identity of the users. Moritz Sunglass will make a perfect example of this model as it will grab easy attention of everyone around thanks to its exceptional features like radient lens accentuated with large white frames and temple jeweled hinges.

Customized Moritz Sunglass

Round sunglasses

A round frame has an uncanny retro feel about it. A bit groovy and understated, these dainty frames will impart an intellectual look to the users. Check out the celebrity inspired John Lennon range of sunglasses in this category. Colorful and causal, everybody can easily carry off these style statements. People who love these frames are likely to be creative and free-thinking.

Retro sunglasses

Go back in time by donning these old school favorites that were the style statements of the 1950s and 60s. These smart and well crafted retro sunglasses have a timeless appeal.

Over sized sunglasses

An oversized frame will make you look a thoroughbred fashionista. The refined and exuberant look masked in subtlety will make these sunglasses a symbol of fame and glamour. Those who love these frames will have a good fashion sense and are likely to be known as Miss/Mr High fashion

Keep these well kept secrets of fashion sunglasses in mind and see how your recipients will be pleased to get personalized sunglasses that go well with their fashion sense. Need more models? Browse our collection of custom sunglasses and pick up a model that will never fail to impress your customers.