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Why Promotional Sunglasses Are Worth Your Money

In the current pandemic situation, most businesses strive to keep the operational expenses under control and save the marketing dollars to the extent possible. This is what makes budget friendly handouts like sunglasses a great choice. Offered in dime a dozen models in just about every price rate, sunglasses will get your message across easily and effectively and help you stand out in the competition even in these challenging times.


Imprinted sunglasses can make a significant difference in your business because these are versatile, gender neutral and above all highly practical.  Studies show that customers were more likely to have a more favorable opinion of those companies that gave away promotional products than those that didn’t. So, it is important to leave some budget for promotional freebies to ensure customer loyalty.

Here are some niches that can utilize the popularity of sunglasses easily

Wedding planners

Now that the outdoor wedding season is on, wedding planners can consider some interesting giveaways like bridal party sunglasses pack. It includes imprinted sunglasses for everyone in the entourage right from bride and groom to their dad and mom to ring boy and ring girl and everyone in between. While the guests will find it easy to identify the bride and the groom’s side, your message will get a decent display as well.

You can even handout imprinted sunglasses for the guests to take the fun to the next level. Your event planning company will get a lot of leads in the days to come from interested prospects for sure.

Bride and groom sunglasses

Sports clubs

Planning a marathon or a biking event in your community?  Get your word out to the maximum people by handing out custom sports sunglasses to everyone who participates. It is the best way to garner some easy publicity at one time investment. These sunglasses will end up as souvenirs of the day, which will further ensure an extended lease of exposure for your brand.

Printed Accent Wrap Sunglasses

 Eye clinics

As people are living in the virtual world more than real world in the event of lockdown and social distancing, everyone is spending more time on their digital gadgets. It will cause lot of strain and the risk of blue light exposure to the eyes. This is what makes blue light blocking glasses a great handout.  Put your brand on to remain in plain sight of the tech savvy audience while keeping the eyes of your audience safe.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Watch this space for more blog posts on custom sunglasses and stay on top of the trends. Get your hands on the hottest shades by browsing our exhaustive collection of custom sunglasses and choose an appropriate model for your target audience.