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Reasons That Make Kids Sunglasses Important Accessories

Wearing sunglasses will protect the eyes from UV rays of the sun and enhance the style element for everyone; but what about kids? Do they need to wear sunglasses as much as grown-ups? The answer is yes. Ophthalmologists recommend that parents should encourage children to wear sunglasses from a very early age itself.

Kids Sunglasses Are Important Accessories

Here are the main reasons why sunglasses can be crucial in ensuring healthy eyes in kids.

Kids spend more time outside.

Kids spend a lot of time playing outside, which means the annual sun exposure is many times more than that of adults. Studies show that a three-fold increase in UV exposure has been noticed in kids compared to grown-up individuals.

Kids have a higher risk of UV exposure

UV rays can leave serious damage in kids and cause early macular degeneration or even cataract. The ocular lens in kids cannot effectively filter out UVA and UVB rays and hence more UV rays reach their retina. By the time the children turns 18, they would have acquired nearly 25% of their lifetime UV exposure. The parents can make the kids wear sunglasses from an early age to prevent this risk. Choose sunglasses that are FDA compliant and tested for UV protection for the best results.

The importance of kids’ sunglasses will make them thoughtful handouts for marketers promoting kids brands and events. Offered in a wide range of models and kid-pleasing color choices, these sunglasses will get the undivided attention of not just the little ones but the family audience as well. The best part, kids will love to show off these stylish accessories in their school and neighborhood, thereby taking your message to a wider secondary audience.

Kids are born attention seekers. They will love the idea of emulating their favorite action hero by donning a matching pair of sunglasses. Looking for kids sunglasses? We have a wide selection of sunglasses designed for both kids and adults.

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