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Bottle Opener Sunglasses- The Ultimate Crowd Pleaser in Outdoor Parties

The fair weather season is in its last lap and the outdoorsy crowd is not leaving anything to chance to enjoy the maximum of the remaining sunshine before frost sets in. Outdoor events and holidays could also be  about  high UV levels and dehydration. So, if you are looking for a custom handout that will  cater to both these, check out these innovative sunglasses that double up as bottle openers!


Yes, you heard it right! Bottle opener sunglasses  enjoy wide appeal. Often people end up without either a pair of protective sunglasses or a bottle opener to pop the top of their beverage while enjoying the great outdoors. This smart promotional giveaway will have the answer for both these issues.

Malibu bottle opener sunglasses are a fashion innovation, which will easily meet the needs of the outdoorsy crowd. Available in a wide range of colors, these logo sunglasses have emerged as a Goliath in promotional gifts. The best part is that these won’t cost you a pretty penny and make consistent impressions at one time investment!

Traditional bottle openers are often forgotten and that is what makes the bottle opener sunglasses a subtle choice to stay UV safe and stay refreshed all at once. Designed to pop the top of the bottles easily while  not being overly obvious to anyone, these sunglasses will ensure for rapid-fire refreshment for your holidaying group.

Practical custom gifts get more retention than novelty items.  So, when you give the dual advantage of a pair of UV resistant sunglasses plus a bottle opener, you are likely to get  a double promotional impact. Your recipients will indeed find these quirky gifts brag worthy and will  be keen to make it their banter topic in parties and events.

These combo gifts will easily garner more attention than an ordinary bottle opener or a pair of sunglasses. Bringing together two features that most people may never expect to see together, you can easily pack a surprise element to your promotions as well.

It is not just the breweries and clubs that can use these logo items as promotional gifts. Every industry can easily align their brand with these promotional gifts. Get your logo and message imprinted on these smart sunglasses to make heads turn. These logo items will easily impress anyone who likes to keep their eyes cool and UV safe  and a smart way to open their beverage bottle!

Protect your  clients while satisfying their thirst and turn the sunny  outdoors into a marketing opportunity.