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Grab Your Sunglasses – Neon Is Back!

Neon is back with a bang in 2019. Whether it is apparels, drinkware, décor items or sunglasses, neon is everywhere. Everyone from the Kardashian sisters to Ashley Graham has been photographed in neon! The trend is here to stay. So, get ready to be eye catching this season and get the attention of everyone around.

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Here are some sunglasses under the spotlight this season.

Mirrored Lens Classic Neon Sunglasses:  Sleek, stylish and comfortable, these fashionable frames are lightweight with a classic and ever green design.

Mirrored Lens Classic Neon Sunglasses

Peace Neon Custom Sunglasses: Are you in a party mood? Grab these shades that bring together stunning color choices and trendy designs. It makes a perfect addition to any beach or brunch-bound look.
Peace Neon Custom Sunglasses

Neon Oahu Sunglasses:  A daring contemporary style sunglasses who love to live in style. Here are some features to die for- Assorted colors, UC resistant lenses and one size most adults! Get your brand and message imprinted on these sunglasses to make an eye catching handout for your brand.

Neon Oahu Sunglasses

Now for some handy tips to bring in neon to your fashion

Neon is a perpetual fashion favorite all round the year these days. Fluorescent-hued clothes and accessories are getting bigger and brighter than ever. Whether you are making your first serious tryst with neon or a seasoned neon specialist, here are some stylish ways to try out this season.

  1. Neon Accessories are a rage

Include neon in your fashion through accessories like sunglasses, shoes or scarves. These are simple and effective ways to pack neons into your dressing style.

  1. Match it with Neutrals

Pairing neon accessories with neutrals has always been a hot trend in the fashion corridors. Choose neutral colored apparels along with neon sunglasses to shift the attention to the bright color. Simple white shorts and light colored sandals will complete the look for the season.

  1. Downplay the color

You can also downplay the neon in your look by wearing it with other bold clothing and accessories to complete the theme. It will make you stylish without going overboard. Try pairing an orange colored skirt with neon sunglasses. Bring out those floral print bag and bright shoes to complement the fall color and the bold costume party themes of Halloween to make heads turn!

  1. Strike a Contrast

Neon sunglasses will stand out against black apparels. It will create a fabulous contrast and create a daring look that will make eyes pop!

Which of these styles did you find the most interesting? Share your thoughts