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Add Color And Beauty To Your Logo Promotion With Neon Sunglasses

Outdoor fun, adventure activities, picnics and nature tours- Spring season is all these and more for most people. So, for marketers who wish to make their brand part of the excitement and holiday mood of their recipients can consider some cool and trendy gift ideas like these trendy neon sunglasses.


Great for the beach, woods and the festival season, these custom  sunglasses are making a bold fashion statement in promotional circuits. Bring back the outlandish and sporty fashion trends of the 80s in the form of these brightly colored sunglasses.

Check out our range of cheap neon sunglasses that make long lasting and fun promotional items for your recipients. While your recipients indulge in outdoor fun, you get excellent brand exposure too. The best part is that neon sunglasses cater to budget promotions with ease.

Here are a few clever ways to use neon sunglasses in brand promotions.

As novelty handouts
Neon sunglasses make novelty handouts for fairs, holiday promotions and more. Available in a range of attractive colors and models, these logo sunglasses will highlight your brand as they soak up the fun. Plastic neon sunglasses are popular with weddings, sororities, fraternities and parties. This sunglass is also favored by fashionistas who wish to create unique style statements. Imprint your logo and message to add a personal touch to these logo gifts.Promotional Plastic Sunglasses Custom Imprinted

Tradeshow hand outs
Custom neon sunglasses make excellent tradeshow handouts thanks to its low sticker price. Imprint your creative messages or artwork on these and hand these out at your booth to see the crowd swell! These can also be employed as mass mailer items that can be sent along newsletters. Light weight and portable, these neon sunglasses that pop up in their mail box will surely surprise and impress your recipients.

Fund raising items
The low cost feature of these logo sunglasses will make it a perfect fund raising item that nobody can resist. Be it for nonprofit organizations, booster clubs or community events, these logo items will make popular fund raisers as these logo sunglasses make popular accessories anytime, anywhere.

Party favors
Looking for a hard hitting party favor for weddings, family reunions, milestone celebrations or birthdays? Look no further than these logo imprinted neon sunglasses. Wave rubberized sunglasses or glow in the dark sunglasses will all make great choices to consider in this regard. Available in several different colors, these sunglasses will jazz up the party mood like never before.

Neon sunglasses make irresistible promotional gifts and party favors that will enjoy a high retention among your audience. Even people who are a bit color shy will fall for these impressive neons that will change the way your recipients see the world!