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Novelty sunglasses – be a cut above the rest

Novelty sunglasses make stylish accessories during all those special occasions, when you cannot afford to look ordinary and bland! Put on the bright themes, shapes and neons to attract a few envious glances and to rock the party. This category of sunglasses stand out for its outrageous and fun styles and a riot of color choices that would leave you spoilt for choices.

Customized Translucent Sunglasses

Novelty sunglasses are hugely popular not just in costume parties but these can also be carried off with elegance in casual settings like a day out in the beach or the town. It is a stylish way to complement your new designer wear as well as novelty sunglasses can fine hone your looks quite effortlessly. While the classic styles like the oahu and blues glasses are quite popular among jazz artists, the wrap around glasses and shutter shades were made popular by rappers and pop artists. The celebrity tag attached to these novelty shades has made them highly popular in party and fashion circuits.

Choicest Styles and colors
The novelty sunglasses are offered in a palette of bright and flashy colors like orange, hot pink, neon green, bright blue, purple, Ferrari red, bright yellow, etc. Patterns and designs like polka dots, stripes, animal prints, checkered, are also offered, which are intended to enhance your visibility and creativity. If you are in a mood to throw conventions out of the windows and be outrageous in your dressing style, choose funky designs like those with blinking lights, the customized translucent glasses or glow in the dark lens that would make you the star attraction in no time!

Custom Printed Checkered Sunglasses w 6 Colors

Costume party favorites
These unique sunglasses make perfect gifts, mementos and keep sakes during birthday party, graduation party, bachelor or bachelorette party/hen’s party, theme wedding parties, sporting event, fancy dress , costume parties, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Hanukkah, Christmas & New Year among others.

These customized novelty sunglasses help you disguise your party appearance and inspire others to join you in the celebration. It is impossible not to fall in love with these funky styled custom sunglasses that it is only a matter of time before even the stiff upper lipped amongst the crowd join the fun!

If you are looking for a promotional campaign on a light hearted theme, these novelty sunglasses would be stupendous choices. Woo your customers and business associates with these colorful customized novelty sunglasses that would throw them into peals of laughter in no time. These make excellent props for all fun themed parties and your guests would love to retain and wear it whenever they need to be on the limelight thereby boosting your goodwill.

Customization options galore
Novelty sunglasses stand out for the multitude of options and color choices, which make them the darling of the party revelers. You can customize these novelty sunglasses as per your unique tastes and needs. Choose from country’s flag or floral shaped frames, follow the style of your favorite superhero or seasonal sunglasses that resemble Christmas or Halloween to be in hot news among fashion freaks.