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Mens 2014 Sunglasses Top Eyewear Trends to Try Upon

Hot, dapper, handsome, suave and smart – are you the one? Do you wish to be the one? Then, start scouting the collections on Men’s 2014 sunglasses offered by bigwig brands or reputed online sunglass stores.

Party Sunglasses 2014

Here is certain fashion tips exclusively rolled out for all confident and young (at heart) men out there –

  1. Party Sunglasses – 2014 party sunglasses are the best way to ring in the New Year and you can wear it throughout the year.
  2. Transparent Frames – It rocks, rocks and rocks! It is destined to stay here for long. It is particularly suited for all those men who are wary of crazy, bold colors or traditional blacks or chunky browns. Well-suited for men of all ages and can be worn on all those occasions, where you wish to be one “hot male” on the floor.
  3. Colored Frames – A hot choice for “man of colors”! It is ideal for all those men who like bright colored frames such as green, red, electric blue, etc. It is perfect for all those who wish to turn heads as they enter into an event or a party.
  4. Retro Sunglasses – Most favored choice for a metrosexual man out there! Their charm never dries up and you can wear them to any classic or fun fuelled parties that you hit upon. Regatta sunglasses, Manhattan sunglasses, eagle glasses, Cannes sunglasses ….the list is simply awesome.  For the color part, you can always go for black, green, grey with rounded or oval frames. Retro sunglasses are named so because they add a character of substance!
  5. Chunky Bold Sunglasses – Creates wonderful juxtaposition of colors. You can wear chunky bold colors with light colored and relaxed clothes. You can wear them to beaches, parties, offices or during any outdoor indulgence.
  6. Oversized Round Sunglasses – They have been here all the time, and are gonna be the order of the day, whenever a handsome man tries to step out in prim style. You can always team them with bold patterns or unique shape prints all over the clothes.
  7. oahus – They are the stuff of many fashion classics and men never seem to get bored of them.  Exaggerated oahus are going to become a prime feature of many 2014 sunglasses collection that you may hit upon.
  8. Aviators– They never goes out of fashion and it makes every man suave, dapper and handsome! Aviator sunglasses make a choicest party wear and it is going to get you noticed on every occasion, whenever you wear it.

Remember eyewear is a part of your personality, so you may want to explore with those, which accentuate your styles without going overtop, isn’t it!