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Party Sunglasses – The Perfect Way To Drive Up The Party Fun And Impress The Guests

Be it Pop concerts, beach fun or an outdoor picnic- sunglasses make an essential item for everyone in the coming few months when the sun is  bright and the nature bewitchingly beautiful. Probably there can’t be an accessory that enjoys as much popularity as sunglasses. Outdoor events will let everyone to show their brightly colored cottons that go well with a trendy pair of sunglasses.


For marketers who wish to infuse a fresh charm to their promotions will find sunglasses great gift items. Everyone will love to use these trendy handouts all round the year and your brand on these will get all the attention that you want.

Oahu sunglasses – Trendy and stylish

Is it green, pink, orange or something else? Tell us your favorite colors or choose from a palette of 24 different colors in our collection. The middle name of style, Oahu sunglasses have been a popular promotional gifts and party favor year after year. The classic designs and timeless frames that accentuate a wide range of face shapes, these sunglasses will look awesome on both men and women. Oahu sunglasses defy the norms of changing fashions as they enjoy a perennial popularity among both the young and young at heart. Did we say that these sunglasses are UV resistant too?

Personalized Oahu Sunglasses w/ 24 Colors

Oahu sunglasses will make perfect options Wayfarer Sunglasses for Concerts, summer events, corporate parties, color themed events, weddings and a lot more, where you need style and substance in equal measures.

Neon sunglasses- Say it with colors

Neon that had hit the headlines in the 80s has been making a comeback big time in recent years. All the concert stands, sports stadiums and beach parties seem to have embraced the neon theme much to the delight of the onlookers and the shutterbugs around. Custom neon sunglasses will look cool against those solid colored band T-shirts and it is easy to retrieve even if you lost them in the dark and crowded concert stands!

Peace Neon Custom Sunglasses- Assorted

Checkered sunglasses: Break the norms and go all out with the quirky patterns as in the case of these customized red checkered glasses. Apart from flaunting a hypnotic charm, these sunglasses have a mass appeal that will make it a popular party staple. Be it a retro 80’s party, fancy dress party, Halloween party or any other fun party, these sunglasses will leave a lasting impression for sure.

Customized Red Checkered Glasses

Translucent Glasses Assortment: Get ready to bask in the warm weather and make your sunny day holiday loads of fun with these super bold and super fun translucent glasses. Available in a range of colored frames and translucent lenses to match any mood you might be in, these sunglasses will make the best gift item for the party heads!

Customized Translucent Glasses Assortment

We at sunglassville have a range of sunglasses in all possible models that will drive up your party fun. The best thing these don’t cost you a leg and an arm either!

Browse our collection of custom party sunglasses to choose a model that matches your needs.