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 5 Ways to Use Custom Sunglasses to Boost Your Business Relationships

Custom sunglasses are classic promotional items that are of value to everyone especially the outdoorsy crowd. Apart from being fashionable, sunglasses will keep the eyes safe from the damaging effects of UV radiation and reduce the risk of eye diseases like cataract and cancer among others. For these reasons it is rare that anyone would discard  a pair of quality custom sunglasses. It is easy to see how investing in this corporate gift can mean good business.


Offer a pair of stylish sunglasses much to the delight of your camping audience, beach buddies  and wannabe adventure travelers! Your logo and message imprinted on these  trendy accessories will get a lot of attention as these  are borrowed  in the friend’s circles of your primary recipients for those instagram worthy snapshots.Imagine the number of brand impressions you will achieve through this exposure! Explore the multiple imprint options on these sunglasses to get a wide angle display.

Rainbow Malibu Sunglasses

Here are some business situations where custom sunglasses can be used

As thank you gifts: You can give custom sunglasses as a thank you gift to your clients along with their purchases or during milestone events. This thoughtful gesture will make your brand even more memorable to them. Plus, once you hand out imprinted sunglasses to your existing customers, it can be a great way to encourage and generate referrals as well.

Mirrored Navigator Sunglasses

As promotional gifts: Draw your prospects towards your brand with custom sunglasses, which have both good swaying and staying power that’s worth taking advantage of!

As incentives: Whether it is for your regular customers or your high performing employees, custom sunglasses make great loyalty incentives that are hard to resist. Choose sunglasses in your corporate colors  or  mix and match a choice of different colors to recreate your brand in the most exquisite way.

Red Checkered Glasses

As  party handouts: You can take advantage of the advertising power of sunglasses – just print your message , handout on the beach or sports venues

To celebrate change of seasons: You can give away sunglasses on the first day of a new season like summer or spring when more people spend time outdoors.

Two -Tone Malibu Sunglasses with White Frame

Why sunglasses

Sunglasses unlike other items do not change their owners regularly, which means that your message will have a long term impression on your recipients and high visibility due to regular use/contact. These brightly colored frames are frequently hand-picked by customers to coordinate their daily outfits. Plus , get the unbeatable advantage of an eye to eye promotion for your message with these trendy accessories of sunglasses.

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