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Gift Guide: How To Buy Great Sunglasses for Your Prospects

Whether it’s Christmas, milestone events or store promotions, you really can’t go wrong with the gift of sunglasses. Show that you care by handing out a pair of custom sunglasses to your clients.

Sunglasses make great gifts as these are useful, fun, and fashionable. Above all, there is no risk of offending someone by buying the wrong size when you choose gifts like sunglasses.

Here are some more tips that will help you find a perfect pair of custom sunglasses for your clients and employees.

Colors matter

It is recommended to avoid too bright and flashy colored frames and lenses as it may not necessarily match with all types of dressing styles. Neutral colors like black or gray are safe choices especially if you have a corporate audience to reach out to. Moreover, these shades will effectively help the recipients to dress up or dress down according to the event.

Nevertheless , if you are planning sunglasses as wedding favors, you can choose brightly colored frames, if it complements the theme or the seasonal colors. Glow in the dark sunglasses will especially make a brilliant choice for night time events and parties. 

Shape of the face 

As  oval shape is the most common face shape, you can choose frames that complement this face shape. Rectangle  frame sunglasses, sports sunglasses or tear drop shaped navigator sunglasses will also make great choices. So, if you have a large audience, you can definitely stock up these most ideal frames that match oval face.

Think About their Lifestyle

Does your audience prefer casuals or are they more into a formal dressing style? If you have a casual audience to cater to, choose interesting models like rimless sunglasses. Besides, for high end clients or a formal business audience, dark colored Malibu sunglasses will be perfect choices.

Something special for everyone

Are you planning to use custom sunglasses to promote a sports club? You can shop for sports sunglasses that will look good both on and off the sports grounds.

By understanding the life style of the audience, you can easily choose an appropriate pair of sunglasses that will impress your audience. The beach loving community may prefer mirrored sunglasses or even polarized models.

With a little bit of attention, you can choose a perfect shade for your prospects that they will love wearing all the time. How do you plan to use sunglasses as your promotional swag? Share your ideas with us on our facebook page.