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Classic sunglasses and rubberized sunglasses with your logo

Classic sunglasses and rubberized sunglasses with your logo may sound uber cool and trendy for all those who have been craving for some easy recognition.


Over the years we have seen advertisers handing out tested value products such as pens, mugs, t-shirts, etc. Today, most of the big and small sized businesses have grown over the “granted” promotions syndrome (results rarely matter, what really matters is exchanging “stipulated” budget for low value products) and seem to have strengthened their grip on hard core e brand building with ease and elegance.

According to market research, customized sunglasses lead the list of the elegant handouts and they account for the 30% of billion dollar promotional product segment. Here is a quick snap of why they are getting popular in stature and their role in brand building-

  • Easy Visibility – Classic sunglasses and rubberized sunglasses with your logo possess all chances of getting noticed in a thick crowd because people will proudly flaunt them over eyes or just put them over their crown. This means there is no chance of a person forgetting them within their briefcases, suitcases or other lockable places.  Today, you may see many advertisers tossing in sunglasses and opting out of time tested promotional because it offers best visibility to their business messages. People will definitely stop by to see a bright logo imprinted against the temples or corner of the visible space and think highly of the brand which gifted these sunglasses.
  • Handy and Manageable – Sunglasses are handy and can be easily carried around, which means customers can enjoy a pleasant time by wearing them out.
  • Novelty – “Fashion meets compassion” is the right term to describe the accelerating popularity of this eyewear. Aviators, Malibu printed sunglasses, Jackie O sunglasses, may attract a large segment of sunglass wearers, but they do get fazed by eco-friendly choices such as rubberized glasses. This very difference of passion, consideration and love for fashion has spelled wonders in this segment.
  • Popular Fashion Accessory- As said before many of the yesteryear promotional tools have passed into oblivion or face clinched existence. However, sunglasses never fall into that league because people wear them in all seasons. Sunglasses serve more than just a simple fashion wear and they hold immense capability to transform your personality at one go.
  • Value effective choice – Classic sunglasses and rubberized sunglasses with your logo makes a value effective choice against investment. They will bring you lots of adulation and will continue to remind a wearer about your brand credentials each time they step up in style. This means you can account for lifetime benefits at one time investment.

On summarizing the write up in a few precious words it can be put around that customized sunglasses will never go out of fashion and they will continue to bring you goodwill during their service.