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Custom Sunglasses For Winter Camp Promotions- Must Read

Sunglasses make the coolest camp souvenir ever!  UV resistant sunglasses like wood tone Malibu sunglasses imprinted with your camp logo will send the campers back home with your brand. These will make a great talking topic in their friends circle and your message will get an extended audience even after the camping season!

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Camping offers the right mix of  fun , excitement and outdoor fun. Light weight and functional, these sunglasses will keep up with every stride of the campers enhancing their holiday experience. These stylish sunglasses will look good in the snapshots as well.

Winter poses a  fairly high risk of UV exposure because snow reflects around 85 % of UV rays which will leave the campers at UV risk. By handing out these sunglasses, you can promote your brand and keep their eyes safe from snow and UV risks. You can choose from an assortment of different colors with slightly different message imprinted. The campers would wear the sunglasses during the entire camping session, thereby putting your brand on a panoramic display.

Polarized sunglasses will reduce glare

Planning to hit the slopes as part of your camping experience? Polarized sunglasses will make a must have item in your travel kit.  Winter camp organizers will find a great promotional scope here. Get your brand and message imprinted on these highly functional sunglasses and get spotted even in low visibility conditions- literally!

Polarized sunglasses enhance visibility and color clarity during skating or skiing. Glare can alter vision and reduce the depth perceptions, which can lead to serious consequences during snow activities. Glare can even cause temporary blindness and blackouts as well.

Polarized Malibu Sunglasses

Wrap around sunglasses

The tight wrap design of these sunglasses will keep the eyes well shielded from ice, dust and wind. Your brand imprinted on these sunglasses will get a lot of attention for sure.  Planning to set out on ice fishing or snow biking?  Make sure to choose UV protected sports sunglasses that will keep the eyes safe from all angles. Comfortable and stylish, these sunglasses will look good on your holiday snaps as well!

Accent Wrap Sunglasses

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