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 Personalized Sunglasses – The Star of any Summer Promotion

Custom sunglasses put your brand before everybody’s eyes and make a practical way to market your brand. Offered in a wide range of colors and styles, these stylish accessories are hard to resist.


A must-have at the beach, game events or outdoor activities, sunglasses will impress even the most discerning recipients with ease. Anyone who receives a pair is certain to appreciate this thoughtful gift. Customize sunglasses to make it extra special and reminders of your event or special occasion.

Bulk orders carry the best deals and the biggest discounts. So, what  are you waiting for? Rush your orders and make sure that every attendee gets a personalized pair of sunglasses to carry home. Well, isn’t that a delightful way to make your audience engaged with your brand and to show that you care for them?

 Sunglasses are more than a tool – these are imposing fashion statements as well! Whether at the beach or the pool, everyone loves to carry their favorite sunglasses with them everywhere. Highly practical and one of the most commonly used in promotional items, custom sunglasses make a fantastic way to maximize your brand exposure. Get your logo, tagline or mascot imprinted on these stylish sunglasses for everyone to see, discuss and get obsessed!

Printed Sunglasses are easy to customize and offer various interesting imprint options. Whether it is on the arms or the lens, sunglasses will ensure a high impact visibility.  Choose the color of the frame and combine it with your design to the best effect.

 Custom sunglasses with UV protection, shatter resistance specs make popular models.  Chic mirrored  sunglasses and ecofriendly bamboo sunglasses are some of the many unique styles in the market.

Printed Bamboo Fashion Sunglasses

Take a look at our bottle opener sunglasses for a truly unique gift.

Imprinted Bottle Opener Malibu Sunglasses

Light up sunglasses will keep your brand and message well displayed even in the dark. These party staples are designed to turn heads during birthdays, bachelor parties, and any other night events. Looking for something that your guests love to talk about? Take a look at these color changing sunglasses that change color in the sun!

Assorted Color Flashing LED Star Shaped Sunglasses

Choose from a palette of colors and a range of fashionable frames to suit all styles  and age ranges. Which of these sunglasses do you think will fit your marketing plan?  If you just can’t make up your mind, reach out to our product experts to boil down your choices and romp home with these best deals.