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Summer Season Whole Sale Sunglasses for Pop Up Shops

Summer is at its glory and for retailers the season is all about having an up-tick in business. We also know that summer is the season for pop-up shops in the apparel sector thanks to the busy shopping season.


 Pop-up retail is short and trend based and is designed to pique quick interest. Promote pop up retails by handing out interesting handouts like custom sunglasses in various key locations to spread the word and drive up the footfalls.  Choose from an assortment of trending models in custom sunglasses including gradient sunglasses, UV resistant models, mirrored sunglasses and a lot more.

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The best part is that the sunglasses you choose need not be related to any particular style. Summer also happens to be a season when people start getting outdoors more. It is the time of year they start thinking about family gatherings, sports and recreation and above all vacations. The blue skies and brilliant sunshine draws a huge crowd of people outdoors. So it is natural that sunglasses become all the more popular during this season.

Here are some tips to consider while promoting pop up retail

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Choose The Right Location

The  pop-up retail store should not be in crowded and busy thoroughfares, which may make it difficult for the shoppers to  come. Choose free spaces or location near a popular beach or a resort where you can expect decent crowd at all times.

Build up a buzz

Be sure to promote the event well in advance in social media and also through flyers and other conventional methods. The more the visitors the more popular will your pop up retail will be.

Deck up the stores

Add specks of colors to your store front with banners or flags. Even decorative balloons or inflatable toys will do the trick in creating an element of interest among anyone who sees it. You want people to have a solid reason to walk through the door.

 Offer Discounts and great handouts

To maximize pop-up sales you need to offer some great deals and interesting giveaways. Pop-up retail is a prime opportunity for a buy-one-get-one deal or something similar. You can even organize fun contests and raffles to drive up the fun. Remember, pop-up retail is organically short-lived. The goal is to leave as many lasting reminders as possible by handing out popular handouts like custom sunglasses as freebies that bear your brand and contact information.

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After pop up what?

Pop up retails are basically intended to generate a momentum for your stores. Handing out popular incentives and freebies like imprinted sunglasses will be a solid incentive for the customers to visit your normal retail outlet. It will also give them a tempting reason to tell others about your business.

Summer is the season for buying new sunglasses for most people.  By handing out custom sunglasses as freebies you could get a boost for your retail stores. It is worth thinking about!