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Choosing Running Sunglasses For Winter Marathons

American sports calendar is dotted with many interesting marathon events for the winter months like Austin marathon and Miami marathon among others.  IF you are planning to sponsor an event or support a relay team custom gifts like sports sunglasses will make a great handout.

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Sports style sunglasses are different from fashion sunglasses. The wrap around style ensures a closer fitting that protects the eyes of the athletes from dust and UV rays. The light weight, polycarbonate frames will ensure snug fitting  and absolute comfort for the players even after prolonged use.

Frames may also have rubber or silicone nose pads and temple tips to stop them slipping off your face while running. Sports sunglasses are also unisex in size and style, which makes it easy for you to choose and distribute.

The most important function of sports sunglasses is that these protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation (UVR) when outdoors, and prevent the risks of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration later on.

The most popular lens colors for runners are grey or brown because these will block out the sun without hampering vision. For low light conditions, yellow lens will be a better choice while orange lens will be useful for overcast conditions. Polycarbonate lenses are likely to get scratched easily if it falls into a hard surface. So, it is recommended who wear a frame cord that will prevent the sunglasses from slipping off the face while the athletes are mobile.

Here are some popular sports sunglasses that will make  a great addition to your marathon day swag.

Turbo Wrap Custom Sunglasses: These are not just for the sports day but make a fashion accessory for the athletes while they are holidaying as well.
Turbo Wrap Custom Sunglass

Rubberized Customized Sunglasses: Ideal for anyone who hits the road more often, these sunglasses will enhance their appearance dramatically. Your brand and message imprinted on these will grab the undivided attention of everyone around.

Rubberized Customized Sunglasses

Accent Wrap Sunglasses are great handouts for those engaged in sports activities regularly. Gray lenses and colored accents on the Black frame are the main features of these stylish sunglasses. Order in surplus to get the maximum price benefits

Printed Accent Wrap Sunglasses

Mission Impossible Customized Sunglasses have a metallic black frame with grey lens that gives it a stunning red carpet worth look. Your brand and message imprinted on these will get a lot of attention for sure.

Mission Impossible Customized Sunglasses

How do you think you can benefit from these smart and sassy sports sunglasses? Share  your thoughts.