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3 Sound Reasons Why Sunglasses Make Perfect Favors During Winter Weddings

Winter weddings have a whimsical charm about it! The carpets of white snow that stretch till eyes can reach and the soft white snowflakes that waft around the air will all add to the dramatic beauty of the wedding ceremony. Apart from planning a fun and relaxed wedding event and a party to celebrate, winter weddings give you ample elbow space in choosing wedding favors as well. Plan something quirky like sunglasses as wedding favors to impress the guests readily. These are delightfully different from the normal winter staples like beanies or blankets and will make your guests look great in the post wedding snapshots as well.


Why sunglasses
Though the winter apparels like jackets, woolen hats or thermals will all get the basics of layering right, no winter outfit can be complete without a pair of sunglasses. Surprised? Most people believe that just because the sun isn’t hot, they do not require eye protection.

Here are 3 sound reasons that prove why sunglasses make perfect party favors during winter weddings.

  1. In the winter, the sun is positioned at a lower angle than in the summer months, which in turn increases the risk of exposure. UV rays can increase the chances of skin cancer, cataract and macular degeneration. That is what makes sunglasses thoughtful gifts during winter.
  2. Statistics show that snow reflects up to 85 percent of the sun’s UV rays, which can cause sunburn on the cornea, which some people refer to as “snow blindness”.
  3. UV radiation increases 5 percent with every 1,000 feet you go above sea level and at the mountains the UV risk is at its highest. So, custom sunglasses will make a thoughtful gift for your guests attending your winter wedding.

How to choose sunglasses for winter weddings

Custom Sunglasses with UVA and UVB blocking features will be the best options to consider as winter wedding favors. Grey lenses that reduce light intensity without distorting colors or Brown lenses that enhance contrast will be good choices. Amber/yellow lenses that will increase the contrast is another top choice. The best part is that your guests will find these sunglasses useful for a very long time after the wedding during snow sports or driving in the winter and every time they put on these trendy shades, they will be reminded of your special day and the wonderful gift that you had for them.

So ensure proper cover for your guests this winter and shop from any of these top sellers.

Sprint Sunglasses: Cost effective and trendy, these sunglasses will be a run-away hit among your guests. Available in one size that fits most adults, these wrap style sunglasses with polarized smoke lens will ensure more protection. The close fitting design will protect the eyes from wind and ensure the ultimate comfort.Customized Sprint Sunglasses

Catalina Personalized Sunglass Catalina personalized sunglasses will tug the hearts of even the most hard-to-please guests in the audience. Budget friendly and stylish these 100%UV protected sunglasses with light gray lens will make your guests look dashing in all those post wedding snaps. Imprint your initials, wedding wishes or date on these to give a personal touch and your guests will love to retain it as delightful wedding day keepsakes.Catalina Personalized Sunglass

Cosmopolitan Sunglass This stylish large white or black framed sunglass completed with UV protected smoke lens will make it a trendy gift item for the wedding favor bag.Custom Cosmopolitan Sunglass

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