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Custom Sunglasses As Outdoor Wedding Favors

Outdoor winter weddings are a rage for its dramatic spectacles and frosty photo background. The plus is that if you are planning a winter wedding you get the added benefit of the best discounts and off season deals at restaurants and wedding planners as well. If you are looking for a smart wedding favor that will let your guests take home the sweetest memories of your special day, look no further than custom sunglasses

What makes sunglasses a hot choice as wedding favors?



Personalized sunglasses are not just glamorous accessories that will make your guests stand out in style. UV resistant models will protect them from UV risks and shield the eyes from wind and elements as well. Your guests will find these accessories useful even after the function.

Cost Effective

With our low minimums and competitive pricing, we are certain that you will find the best custom wedding sunglasses on a budget. Hence even if you are planning a small wedding as per the new normal world norms, you still have the best handouts in town. Imprinted sunglasses will easily excite your guests while you have a perfect gift to show your appreciation towards them.

Classic Style Party Sunglasses


Ideal for not just weddings but bachelor parties, post wedding parties and other personal events like anniversary celebrations, personalized sunglasses are hard to miss. The plus- your weddings snaps stand out in social media. You can even use it as your save the date invitations that your guests will find interesting. Light weight and compact, sunglasses w are easy to mail out and won’t add up to your postage charges.

Wedding Party Favor & Promotional Logo Lenses Imprinted Sunglasses

Something special for everyone

Imprinted sunglasses are available in a wide range of most trending models , which makes it easy for you to match these with your wedding theme. From fun filled neon sunglasses to classic wedding sunglasses and more you have a lot of exciting models to choose from. Looking for trendy sunglasses for  everyone in your wedding entourage? Lens imprinted sunglasses are a great choice.

Mirrored Lens Classic Neon Sunglasses - Assorted Colors

Customization options

Make your wedding favors unique and special. It is your day and the best time for you to be at your creative best. Whether it is artwork, wedding anthem, initials of the couple or anything else that you think will sum up you as a couple!  Your guests will indeed find these personalized gifts truly special.

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