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Custom Wedding Sunglasses – Something Special For Every Wedding Theme

Printed wedding sunglasses will look good not just on the dance floor and the photobooth but will make a delightful fun gift that your audience will never get tired talking about! With low minimum and the fastest delivery, Sunglassville can make your wedding day truly special. Personalize a pair of sunglasses that your guests will truly love and enjoy the raves that follow! We also cater to last minute orders in case you are about to miss the deadline.


What is that comes with every winter other than frostbite and mounts of snow? Outdoor weddings of course. We bet, you have been to quite a handful of these dramatically beautiful or should we say out of the world spectacles. If you are planning one for yourselves, your time starts now! The pretty white snowcapped backdrop, the snow crystals that dangle from pine leaves and a shy sun playing hide and seek in the grey sky- everything is just perfect. Now that you have set your heart on a winter wedding, the next thing to consider is the wedding favors. Sunglasses will make a perfect wedding favor to consider. If you thought sunglasses won’t make sense in winter, you could be in for a surprise. Snow reflects more UV radiations than on a normal day, which means that sunglasses with UV protection features will make a perfect winter handout.Custom Imprinted Classic Style Party Sunglasses w/ 16 Colors

If you are planning a semi outdoor wedding, these trendy sunglasses will make a desirable handout.
Wondering how to pick up the most appropriate personalized sunglasses for an outdoor wedding? These tips will surely be of help to you.

Theme of the wedding

Are you planning a formal or casual themed wedding? You can choose wedding sunglasses as per the theme of the event. If have something funky and casual, choose something like party sunglasses or novelty sunglasses that will go well with the theme. Customize it with your initials, name or snapshot to give a personal touch. On the other hand, if you have set your heart on a black tie classic wedding, then settle for navigator sunglasses or classic sunglasses to round off the event in style.

Customized Backstreet Sunglasses

Though there are different schools of thought on whether sunglasses are something essential for weddings, considering the health of the eyes, it is highly recommended that you wear a perfect pair of shades. For the very same reason, printed sunglasses will make a perfect wedding favor for any outdoor wedding event irrespective of the season that you choose to tie the knot. The bride and groom can easily take off the sunglasses during the ceremony if need be. So, which is the best pair of sunglasses to wear at a wedding? Our answer would be- any style that looks good and complements the general theme of the wedding. Pick up something that is not too big or small to suit the style factor of your wedding guests.

Wedding Sunglasses For Men

A pair of classic sunglasses in neutral color will be a good choice.. If you like to have a pop of color, you can match your shades with the color of your tie. This will look stunning in all those wedding snapshots as well.

Wedding Sunglasses For Women

Avoid sunglasses that are too big or gaudy. A pair of color coordinated classic sunglasses will go well with just about any style and wedding attires.

We have printed sunglasses for just about everyone in the wedding party right from the parents of the bride and groom to the ring boy and flower girl and everyone in between. Check out our 11 pcs bridal sunglass pack and see what it has in offer for you! The best part is that we have some great bulk deals on all wedding sunglasses. Did you know that printed sunglasses make excellent party favors for bachelor party and bridal shower parties too? So, no matter how creative you wish to get with these custom sunglasses, we have something special for everyone. Shop today!