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How To Choose A Perfect Sunglass For Every Face Shape

Promotional sunglasses have always been popular promotional items for marketers. By handing out a sunglass that matches the face shape of your recipients, you can drive up their style quotient and your brand image alike. Though there are no hard and fast rules in picking up sunglasses, it is recommended to stick to the favorite shades of the season and the right frame that complements the face shape of your recipients.face-shape

Here are a few smart tips to fork out a perfect pair of sunglasses this summer.

Sunglasses as employee gifts or promotional gifts
If you have a mixed audience, it will be a smart idea to hand out sunglasses of different frame styles and shapes to match the face shapes of your recipients. This perfect fitting sunglass will make them look absolutely stunning and they will have yet another reason to celebrate your brand! Put a few sunglasses with diverse frames in a fish bowl with handy selection tips to help them choose the best models that look fabulous on them.

If you are planning to hand out sunglasses for selected, serious prospects at tradeshows, you can adopt the same strategy. To add up to the fun, let your employees in their corporate uniforms choose the best suited frame as per the face-shape for your high value customers in your tradeshow booth.

Round face
For someone with a round face, a strong, square frame will be the best choice. To even off roundness, choose rectangle or square frames with straight lines. Colors like black or brown will be a good choice. Check out our Oahu classic sunglasses for this category.

Oval face
For people with oval shaped faces, sunglasses of any frames will suit as they have balanced features. Some of the sunglass models that can be considered include navigator sunglasses or custom Malibu sunglasses among others.

Square face
Someone with a square-shaped face will look stunning in sunglasses with round frames because these will soften the strong jawline and broad forehead with its smooth designs. Check out our celebrity inspired model of Jackie O sunglasses

Heart shape
For someone with a heart-shaped face, sunglasses with thin metal frames will make a good choice as these will bring a balanced proportion to the face. Stay away from big frames and heavy glasses. Check out our custom navigator sunglasses for such recipients.

Make your promotions more fun by handing out sunglasses that go well with the face shapes of your recipients wherever possible. This will add up to the value and retention of the gifts and your brand will earn regular impression in the process.

Be it as tradeshow gifts, employee handouts, mailer gifts or loyalty tokens, sunglasses make a highly popular logo gift that will never fail to work for your brand for a very long time. Custom sunglasses can be used to promote all types of businesses especially like fashion stores, beauty salons, modeling agencies and more. Imprint your logo and message on these, choose a trending model and hand it out to your audience for a long lasting impact.