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How To Choose Appropriate Wedding Sunglasses For Summer Weddings

Contemporary weddings involve meticulous planning as there are countless options and trends to choose from. Now that the summer season is upon us, it will be the best season for outdoor weddings and the best wedding favors for outdoor weddings are obviously personalized sunglasses. Quirky, functional and delightful, personalized sunglasses make lovely wedding favors. Imprint your wedding date, initials and message on these and put one of these on each seat to make a lovely presentation during your wedding

In recent times, it has become a norm for both the couple and the wedding party to wear personalized sunglasses on the wedding day. However, choosing the right type of sunglasses from countless models can be a bit overwhelming. These handy tips will surely get you started to find that perfect pair of sunglasses.

Timeless classics
Classic Sunglasses are the best choices for wedding day as these go well with the formal dress styles of the guests and the groom. For men, navigator sunglasses will make a great option as these will look cool with almost all suit styles. Women will look good in lighter shades and subtle frame designs as these will complement the flowing wedding gowns and the beautiful pastels.

Go for Subtle designs
The wedding favor sunglasses that you choose shouldn’t upstage the couple. Choose subtle shades and designs that will not steal the limelight from the primary centre of attraction of the bride and the groom. Choose classic shades, light colors and minimalist elegance instead of the gaudy neons and fun themes.

Avoid Sports sunglasses
Wearing Sport sunglasses to a wedding is not a good idea and these do not make sensible wedding favors. To complement the formal wedding milieu, you need to choose sunglasses with a touch of class and elegance. Though these stand out for their macho, wrap around styles and sex appeal, these glasses will look good on the sports stands, biking tracks, hiking trails and stadiums rather than on a wedding venue!Custom Imprinted Sports Sunglasses

Synchronize Sunglasses
It will be a smart idea for the groom and the best man to synchronize their sunglasses. Make all those wedding photos special where the bride, groom, bridesmaid, best man and others in the wedding party wear similar shades. It will add loads of fun and style to your special day. Try it to believe it. We at sunglassville also have a bridal party sunglass pack that contains customized sunglasses for every member of the wedding entourage.