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Monthly Archives: June 2019

New Arrivals: Custom Wholesale fashion Sunglasses

new arrival sunglasses

Change is the essence of life!  Wish to offer something new to your customers? Check out our regularly updated list of the most trending sunglasses in the market and impress your audience. Sunglasses make the hottest banter topics as well. So by offering the best and the latest, you can easily build up a buzz […]

Fashion Tips And Style Guide On Sunglasses For The Year 2019

style guide 2019 sunglasses

The year 2019 is all about retro-styled sunglasses. It is a sharp turn from yester year’s raging fashion trend of slim sunglasses. The old and retro models are making a comeback and the brilliant colors going to leave their mark in the fashion world. So, take a look at some of the sunglasses trends to […]

Best Sports Sunglasses for the outdoor Season- Must read

Sports Sunglasses for the Outdoor Season

The United States has been the center stage of world sports for a long time. Americans take pride in sports and it runs deep in their culture. From the traditional sport of baseball to soccer, golf and athletics, sports enjoy a wide fan base in the country.  No matter whether you are a fan, a […]

Trending Sunglasses for Spring Season 2019

Trending Sunglasses for Spring 2019

Trends in sunglasses wax and wane quicker than we can imagine!  So, it goes without saying that you need to have the best and the latest sunglasses as promotional items to stand out in the competition. Here are some stylish sunglasses to include in your promotional item list this season. Party is in the air […]

6 Gorgeous Sunglasses For An Outdoor Summer Wedding

Outdoor Wedding Sunglasses

Spring season is all about brilliant sunshine, clear blue sky and nature at its colorful best. It is the best season for couples planning an outdoor wedding and to let your creativity run wild. Choose any location of your choice; be it the golden sandy beaches, lush green woods or the lakeside, you can choose […]

Shapes and Models In Custom Sunglasses That are the most popular!

Popular Shapes and Models In Custom Sunglasses !

If you know what tugs the hearts of your audience, it will easily lead you to the smartest promotional gifts. Shhh! We have a cheat sheet that will help you find the most popular sunglasses among your target audience! Does it sound too good to be true? Take a look and you will indeed be […]

Sunglasses That Were Made Popular by Famous People

Sunglasses Made Popular by Famous People

Iconic sunglasses not just have a great design; but they have been worn by famous people and celebrities and enjoy an A-listed fan base to their credit as well. Here are some sunglasses that have tugged the hearts of some of the greatest faces and the most famous people around the world. Douglas Mac Arthur […]

What Makes It Important To Protect Your Eyes From UV Rays

Alert! Protect Your Eyes From UV Rays

Ultra violet rays are everywhere, all round the year. Even in blinding snow and sleet, these invisible rays will get reflected off the surface causing serious damage to the eyes. In our previous blogs we have touched upon this topic of protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. Now that the sun is shining bright […]

June 27th Is National Sunglasses Day – Plan Your Promotions


June 27th is observed as National Sunglasses Day to honor the hardworking accessories of sunglasses. Sunglasses not just protect the eyes from UV rays but also pack oomph to the style factor of the users. So, it makes a great day to show your favorite shades some love and to show it off around town. […]

The History Of Iconic Sunglasses – A Few Interesting Trivia

The History Of Iconic Sunglasses

Sunglasses have an eventful history to its credit. Here is a brief history of some of the best selling classics that have left their name in the hall of fame. Aviator sunglasses: Originally designed for the US sir force pilots, these sunglasses are best recognized by their metal frames and tear drop shape lenses that […]